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Pagan - New Age - Metaphysical Altars - Free Personalization
New Age Wicca Witch Altar
Witches Altar
Asatru Asgard Viking Altar
Nordic Viking
Asatru Altar
Fairy Elven Star Altar
Fairy Star and
Floral Wreath
Asatru Odin Frey Thor Altar
Asatru Nordic Altar
Druid Solar Cross Acorn Altar
Druid Altar
Eqyptian Symbols Altar
Egyptian Altar
Oak Leaf Acorn Metaphysical Altar
Oak Leaf Altar
Triquetra Charmed Trifoil Altar
Charmed Altar
Wiccan Blessed Be Magik Altar
Blessed Be Altar
Elemental Fire Pagan Altar
Element of Fire Altar
Wiccan Pentacle Witch Altar
Pentacle Altar Table
Cedar Wolf Altar Table
Cedar Wolf Mandela Altar
Cedar Dragon Altar Table
Cedar Dragon Altar

Each altar is made in accordance with the tradition of the theme burned into the altar for pagan rituals.

Pagan Ritual altars are hand crafted and made with positive intent using magickal methods to provide you with the highest quality magickal items available.

These altars for pagan rituals are hand built from solid wood, not machine fabricated, fiber board based or veneer applied.

These platform altars for pagan rituals are designed as a means of focus for worship and raising energy.

No metal is used to fasten these altars for pagan rituals, because metal is a conductor and may interfere with personal magick energy. Think of it this way, copper is a conductor in wires used to direct the flow of electricity. Electricity is a form of energy. Many pagan rituals utilize the raising of energy, that can be misdirected or attracted by energy. Although our altar designs for pagan rituals include brass candle holder as brass is a very low conductor of energy. If you prefer we can leave the candle holders off at your request.

Each altar for pagan ritual is made with you in mind, imbued with energy and love, and sent to be your own personal magickal tool. If you are buying this as a gift, you may contact us with the information, however our guides will direct us in the gifting intent of your altar.

Our standard platform altars for pagan rituals include free personalization. This is a method of binding the altar as a tool to you personally.

Looking for something custom designed? Feel free to email me and lets see what we can do for you! Looking for wholesale pricing, contact: GYPSY BETH
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