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Tarot Boxes
Anglo Celtic Goddess Tarot Box
Anglo Celtic Goddess

Myth Dragon Fantasy Tarot Box
Mythic Fantasy Dragon

Gnome Wizard Wand Hogwarts Tarot Box
Gnome Wizard and Wand

Wizard Fantasy Sorcery Box
Sorcerer Wizard and Staff

Pentacle Tarot Box
Pentacle Protection

Gothic Ankh Tarot Box
Gothic Renaissance Ankh

Unicorn Beauty Tarot Box
Unicorn and Beauty

Athena Owl Wisdom Tarot Box
Athena's Owl Wisdom

Myth Legen Griffon Tarot Box
Mythical Griffon

Butterfly and Fairy Tarot Box
Fairy and Butterfly

Egyptian Ankh Tarot Box
Ancient Egypt Ankh

Solitude Searching Hermit Tarot Box
Enlightened Hermit

Shadowed Fairy Tarot Box
Shadow Floating Fairy

Chinese Symbol For Good Luck Tarot Box
Good Luck Symbol

Wolf Totem Spirit Tarot Box
Wolf Totem Spirit

Gothic Gargoyle Tarot Box
Gothic Sitting Gargoyle

Welsh Royal Dragon Tarot Box
Welsh Royal Dragon

Thor's Hammer Nordic Rune Box
Thor's Hammer Rune

Triquetra Trifoil Tarot Box
Triquetra Trifoil
Gnome MMORPG Wizard Tarot Box
Gnome Wizard

Gothic Occult Skull Tarot Box
Occult Skull

Hogwarts Wizard Potter Tarot Box
Hogwarts Wizard Portrait

Buffalo Totem Spirit Tarot Box
Buffalo Spirit Totem

Fire Breathing Dragon Tarot Box
Fire Breathing Dragon

Magick Fairy Goddess Tarot Box
Winged Fairy Goddess

Stone Gothic Gargoyle Face Tarot Box
Stone Face Gargoyle

Howling Wolf Tarot Box
Lone Howling Wolf

Wiccan Earth Goddess Tarot Box
Wiccan Earth Goddess

Odin Symbol Rune Box
Odin Symbol Rune Box

Altar Boxes
Wicca Pagan Altar Box

Thor's Hammer Asatru Altar Box
Nordic Asatru

Celtic Wheel Knot Altar Box
Celtic Wheel Knot

Celtic Greenman Foilage Altar Box
Celt Greenman

Rusalka Princess Fairy Altar Box
Rusalka Princess Fairy

Raviyoyla Queen Fairy Altar Box
Raviyoyla Queen Fairy

Gwragged Annwn Wales Fairy Altar Box
Gwragged Annwn Fairy

Korrigan Dwarf Horse Fairy Altar Box
Korrigan Dwarf Fairy

Eagle Ball Scroll Altar Box
Eagle Ball Scroll

Dancing Kokopelli Scroll Altar Box
Dancing Kokopelli Scroll

Wizard Dragon Altar Box
Wizard and Dragon

Wizard Riding Dragon Altar Box
Wizard Riding Dragon

Pagan Horned God Altar Box
Pagan Horned God

Oak Accent Boxes
Buffalo Totem Spirit Oak Accent Box
Buffalo Totem Spirit

Greek Column Deco Oak Accent Box
Greek Column Deco

Cougar Totem Spirit Oak Accent Box
Cougar Totem Spirit

Fairy Riding Butterfly Oak Accent Box
Fairy Riding Butterfly

Dragon Tarot Oak Accent Box
Dragon Tarot

Hemp Humor Oak Accent Box
Hemp Humor

Hermit Journey Oak Accent Box
Hermit Journey

Mermaid Classic Oak Accent Box
Mermaid Classic

Mustang Horse Oak Accent Box
Mustang Horse

Pirate Treasure Oak Accent Box
Pirate Treasure

Wild Wolf Pair Oak Accent Box
Wild Wolf Pair

Greek Titans Atlas Oak Trinket Box
Greek Titans Atlas

Medical Caduceus Symbol Oak Desk Box
Medical Caduceus Symbol

World Cat Celtic Oak Desk Box
World Cat Celtic

Celtic Tree of Life Oak Desk Box
Celtic Tree of Life

Cichlid Fish Oak Desk Box
Cichlid Fish Scene

Fairy World Oak Desk Box
Fairy World

Life Journey Oak Desk Box
Life Journey

Orca Killer Whale Oak Desk Box
Orca Killer Whale

Asian Dragon Oak Desk Box
Asian Dragon

Family Crest - Coat of Arms Engraved Boxes
Custom Made Family Crest 10 X 8 Oak Boxes
Family Crest 10 X 8 Oak Box

Fantasy Boxes
Greenman Oak King Fantasy Box
Greenman Oak King

Drakkar Viking Longship Fantasy Box
Drakkar Viking Ship

Raviyoyla Fairy Princess Fantasy Box
Raviyoyla Queen Fairy

Grey Wolf Creek Scene Fantasy Box
Wolf and Creek Scene

Covered Bridge Country Scene Fantasy Box
Covered Country Bridge

Bottlenose Dolphin Ship Wreck Fantasy Box
Bottlenose Dolphin

Dragon and Wizards Fantasy Box
Dragon and Wizard

Ancient Egyptian Pyramid Scene Fantasy Box
Ancient Egyptian Scenery

Korrigan Dwarf Breton Folklore Fantasy Box
Korrigan Dwarf Fairy

Griffen Mythology Creature Fantasy Box
Griffen Mythological Creature

Dream Boxes
Medieval Dragon Artwork Dream Box
Medieval Dragon Artwork
Dream Box

Celtic Horse Design Dream Box
Celtic Horse Design
Dream Box

Oak Zodiac Tarot Boxes
Aquarius Zodiac Tarot Box

Gemini Zodiac Tarot Box

Capricorn Zodiac Tarot Box


Leo Zodiac Desk Box








Looking for something custom designed? Feel free to email me and lets see what we can do for you! Looking for wholesale pricing, contact: GYPSY BETH
 Questions, Requests, or Comments.
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Please review our **Policy Statement** All products are handcrafted to order. Please allow sufficient time for your product(s) to be built and finished. If you have any further questions once you have reviewed our policy, feel free to email **Gypsy Beth**

All designs on the boxes are wood burned by hand for everlasting beauty.

Fantasy Boxes measure 13" X 13" X 6" tall and are made from solid wood. These boxes are handcrafted and will last for generations, similar to items we found in grandma's attic.

Altar Boxes measure 9" x 7", while our tarot boxes are 7" x 5", and both are 2.25" deep (however the lid offers a clearance height of 3").

The beauty and durability of white pine is outstanding as a wood choice for these boxes.

Our Oak Boxes vary in size. We also offer custom sizing for your special need.

No metal is used in constructing these boxes, as some believe that metal can interfere with the flow of energies, unless otherwise noted in the individual descriptions (i.e. we have added hinges and latches on some oak designs).

These boxes are handcrafted by Dragonoak, "one who walks the pagan path". Dragonoak has studied methods of divination for over 20 years and now brings forth handcrafted items that are fitting for the field of divination and ritual.

Many designs are limited edition or "One of a Kind"
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