Wiccan Altar of the Witch Solid Wood

This Wiccan Altar is made to last generations, a fit legacy for your heirs of the craft, of a rich Pagan Tradition.

Each Wiccan Altar Is Crafted As It Was To Be My Own
Wiccan Altar Hand Crafted by DragonOak!

Design Your Ritual Altar
Handcrafted for pagans, by pagans
Wiccan Craft Altar Hand Made by a Pagan

Beautiful handmade Wiccan altar that embraces the symbolism of the Wiccan tradition.

Goddess Symbol Scrolled Into The Right Leg of this Wiccan Altar
Goddess Symbol Scrolled into the right leg of the Wiccan Altar
God Symbol Scrolled Into The Left Leg of this Wiccan Altar
God Symbol scrolled into the left leg of the Wiccan Altar

Symbol for the god and goddess are scrolled in the legs in on this Wiccan altar

Two Candle Holders surrounded by wood-burned pentacles, and A Mounted Scrolled Pentagram in circle centered on table top of this Wooden Altar
View of the wood burned pentacle with candle holder on this Wiccan Altar.
Two Candle Holders surrounded by wood-burned pentacles, and A Mounted Scrolled Pentagram in circle centered on table top of this Wooden Altar
Mounted Pentacle on center of this Wiccan Altar

The brass candle holders hold standard 6" household candles. Pentagrams on this Wiccan Altar are wood burned around the candle holders for long lasting beauty. Wooden Scrolled attached Pentagram on center of the wiccan altar for focus, protection and cleansing rituals. On back board is wood burnt "And it harm none, do as ye will", from the Rede, in Theban script (the witches alphabet).

This Wiccan altar is made from a single board of White Wood, (except for brass candle holders and the mounted Pentagram). This is done for conformity with the tree spirit of the original tree. Beautifully stained in a golden pecan color and finished with danish oil for durability and a natural finish.

Theban script And It Harm None Do As Ye Will on this Wiccan Altar

Items shown in this Wiccan Altar are NOT included, for show purposes only.
Items shown in this Wiccan Altar are NOT included, for show purposes only.

This Wiccan altar is completely hand crafted by DragonOak, "one who walks the pagan path". DragonOak has studied methods of divination for over 20 years and now brings forward handcrafted items, in the old traditions, for your ritual needs.

This wiccan altar is befitting of any witchcraft tradition and is the perfect place for spell casting, herbal magic or daily devotions.

This is a hand crafted Wiccan altar table that will last for generations, similar to items we found in grandma's attic.

Beautiful hand made Wiccan altar table that embraces the symbolism of the Wiccan faith. Free name wood burned on the front facing plate in Theban or English your choice.

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Historical & Magickal Uses of Herbs

Ash Bark
Protection, Prosperity, Sea Rituals, Health. Perfect for protection and prosperity rituals on your wiccan altar.

Not to be used during pregnancy. A 16th century Russian manuscript describes Barberry's ability to cure diseases that cause infertility in women. The Princess Xenia of Pskov supposedly used this extract to help her conceive. A decoction of the root is also used as a remedy for liver and gallbladder ailments including gallstones and jaundice as well as colitas and urinary tract infections.

Used in money and success spells and rituals. Ensures success for spells worked on your wiccan altar.

Birch Bark
Protects against lightening. An infusion of fresh birch leaves may be used to treat edema, various bladder and kidney ailments and poor circulation. It is also said to prevent the formation of kidney stones. Birch sap is used to strengthen the immune system and as a general tonic. It is also used for nearly all skin ailments including dandruff and to speed hair growth. Birch tar is wonderful for skin diseases and to help wounds heal. An infusion of birch buds is used to remove skin spots.

Blessed Thistle
Blessed Thistle is used to strengthen the heart, and is useful in all remedies for lung, kidney, and liver problems. It is also used as a brain food for stimulating the memory. It is used in remedies for menopause and for menstrual cramping. Often used by lactating women to stimulate blood flow to the mammary glands and increases the flow of milk.

Blood Root
Love Spells, Protection Spells, Purification Spells that are conducted on your wiccan altar.
Broom Flower Tops
Purification, Protection, Wind Spells, Divination for spells worked on your wiccan altar.

Burdock Root
Protection, Healing

Camphor Blocks
Chastity, Health, Divination.

Catnip is effective alone or in herbal remedies for colds, flu, fevers, upset stomach, and insomnia. Particularly good for children with upset stomachs in a very mild infusion. Use the large leaves, well dried, to mark pages in magickal books. Use in conjunction with rose petals in love sachets. It will also create a psychic bond between you and your cat. Grow near your home to attract luck and good spirits.

Chamomile Flowers
Use the tea for nerves and menstrual cramps. The tea is also useful for babies and small children with colds and stomach troubles. Also used to calm the body for inducing sleep in insomniac conditions. It is also a good wash for sore eyes and open sores. Chamomile is used in prosperity charms to attract money. Added to incense on a wiccan altar, it will produce a relaxed state for better meditation. Burned alone it will induce sleep. Added to a ritual bath, it will attract love. Sprinkle it around your property to remove curses and bad spells.

Placed under pillow to dream of your future lover or mate. Money, Protection, Prophetic Dreams, Sleep. Used to make witch charms for all it's properties.

Cloves (whole)
Clove oil will stop a toothache when it is applied directly to the cavity. It is very warm and stimulating to the system, and is very useful with people who have cold extremities. Cloves will promote sweating with fevers, colds, and flu. It is often used in remedies for whooping cough. Cloves are also safe and effective for relieving vomiting during pregnancy. Cloves worn in an amulet will drive away negativity and hostility, and stop gossip. It is often carried to stimulate the memory, and can be added to attraction sachets. Clove oil is also worn as an aphrodisiac, and the buds when eaten are said to stir up bodily lusts. It is placed in sachets with mint and rose to chase away melancholy and to help one sleep soundly. Carried or placed on a wiccan altar, it can also bring comfort to the bereaved and mourning.

Coltsfoot is added to love sachets and is used in spells on a wiccan altar for peace and tranquility.

Carrying comfrey during travel will ensure your safety. Put some in your luggage to prevent it being lost or stolen. It will also bring luck to the carrier. A poultice of comfrey heals wounds, burns, sores, and bruises. It is a powerful remedy for coughs, ulcers, healing broken bones and sprains, and is used in treating asthma. Large amounts or dosages can cause liver damage, but there are no problems with using it externally.

A very rare plant! Light green, toothed leaves, and small bright yellow hibiscus-like flowers. Said to be an aphrodisiac. Used internally for anxiety, depression, impotence, premature ejaculation, urinary infections, frigidity, and poor appetite...among other things. Easier to grow than, but not as potent as, small leaf damiana (Turnera diffusa).

Devil's Shoestring
Protection, Gambling, Luck, Power, Employment

Dong Quai Cut
A powerful herb for the female reproductive system. It is a powerful uterine tonic and hormonal regulator. Used in premenstrual syndrome formulas as well as menopausal formulas.

Dragon's Eye
For External Use ONLY! Use caution when working with dragon's in your magic work.

Dried Lavender Flowers
Dried Lavender Flowers. When burned on a wiccan altar is soothes and attracts warm and kind spirits.

Echinacea Leaf
Strengthening Spells Echinacea is used as an offering to the spirits or gods and goddesses to strengthen a spell or ritual from a wiccan altar.

Echinacea Root

Healing, Protection. Healing energies come from the leaves. A branch or wreath over the bed of a sick person will help spread the healing energies. Burned on a wiccan altar is will open the bronchial airways, and make breathing easier. The oil is added to healing baths, and for purifications.

Fennel Seed
Protection, Healing, Purification. Use for scenting soaps and perfumes to ward off negativity and evil. Perfect for rituals conducted from your wiccan altar. Grow near the home for the same purpose.

Money and Exorcism spell rituals at your wiccan altar.

Galangal Root Cut
Protection, Lust, Health, Money, Psychic Powers, Hex breaking spells while at your wiccan altar.

Ginseng Powder
Love, Wishes, Healing, Beauty, Protection, Lust. Ginseng is carried to guard your health and to attract love. It will also ensure sexual potency. Ginseng is an effecitve substitute for mandrake in all spells.

Hibiscus Flower
Lust, Love, Divination

High John
Money, Love, Success, Happiness spells practiced at your wiccan altar.

Hops (ground)
Healing, Sleep Hops is used in healing incenses. Sleep pillows often include hops to induce sleep and pleasant dreams.

Jasmine Flowers
Love, Money, Prophetic Dreams spell work from your wiccan altar. Jasmine is used in love sachets and incenses. It is used to attract spiritual love. A drop of the essential oil in almond oil, massaged into the skin, is said to overcome frigidity. Carrying, burning, or wearing the flowers attracts wealth and money. If burned in the bedroom, Jasmine will bring prophetic dreams.

Juniper Berries (whole)
Protection, Anti-theft, Love, Exorcism, Health spell work while at your wiccan altar. Juniper is used to protect from accidents and theft. Grown at your doorstep, it will offer your home protection. It is used in incenses for protection.

Kava Kava Root
Visions, Protection, luck. A tea of kava kava is drunk to offer protection against evil and to invite good luck. Sprinkle the tea around the home and property for the same uses.

Lemon Verbena Leaf
Wiccan altar spells of Purification and Love.

Mandrake Cut
Wiccan altar spells of Protection, Love, Money, Fertility, Health. Mandrake is used in the home as a powerful protection. It is carried to promote conception, and men carry it to promote fertility and cure impotency.

Mistletoe Cut
Protection, fertility, healing, psychism spell work from your wiccan altar.

A pretty plant with deeply cut green leaves with gray undersides. Used to expel worms and for menstrual complaints. The psychoactively recreational use of mugwort in ale by pagans prompted the German beer purity law in 1516...makes a good story anyway. 5 grams.

Mullein Leaf Cut
Courage, Protection, Health, Love, Divination, Exorcism. Mullein is worn to give the carrier courage. All these can be completed from your wiccan altar. The leaves are also carried to prevent animal attacks and accidents when in the wilderness. In a sleeping pillow it will guard against nightmares. Use as a substitution in old spells for "grave dust".

Nettles Leaf Cut
Exorcism, Protection, Healing, Lust. Sprinkle nettle around the room and your wiccan altar to protect it. It is also burned during ceremonies for exorcism. Stuffed in a poppet and sent back to the sender of a curse or bad spell, it will end the negativity. Nettles gathered before sunrise and fed to cattle is said to drive evil spirits from them.

Nutmeg Whole
Carried, nutmeg will help with clairvoyance, and ward off rheumatism. It is included in prosperity mixtures. Nutmegs are carried as good luck charms good to use at your wiccan altar.

Orris Root Powder
Love, Protection, Divination.

Passion Flower Cut
Peace, Sleep, Friendship. Passionflower will calm a troubled household when placed inside the home and on the top of your wiccan altar. Spanish missionaries believed the flowers were a symbol of Christ's crucifixion, and the crown of thorns of Christ's passion, giving this plant its name.

Pathcouly Leaf Cut
Money, Fertility, Lust. Patchouli is a powerful oil worn to attract the opposite sex. It is a sensual oil, and it can ward off negativity and evil. It is also burned in incenses to aid divination and clairvoyance.

Pennyroyal Leaf Cut
Strength, Protection, Peace. Pennyroyal placed in a shoe will prevent weariness on long walks and hikes, or journeys. It is also added to protection and exorcism incenses. It aids in making favorable business deals. It is given to arguing couples to cease their fighting and restore harmony in the relationship.

Peppermint Leaf Cut
Purification, Sleep, Love, Healing, Psychic Powers. Peppermint is used in charms to heal the sick, as well as in incenses in the sickroom of the patient. It is burned to cleanse the home, and is used in sleep pillows to aid in getting to sleep. Placed beneath the pillow, it can bring dreams that give a glimpse into the future. The essential oil is used in spells to create a positive change in one's life.

Rasberry Leaf Cut
Protection, Love. Raspberry is served as a love-inducing food. The brambles are hung at the entrance to the home to prevent unwanted spirits from entering.
Red Rose Buds and Petals
Love, Psychic Powers, Healing, Love, Divination, Luck, Protection. Rose water is used in gourmet dishes and in love potions practiced from your wiccan altar. Petals are used in healing incense and sachets, and burned to provide a restful night's sleep. The essential oil is used in ritual baths to provide peace, love, and harmony within the self. The hips are strung like beads and worn to attract love. Rose petals sprinkled around the home will calm personal stress and upheavals in the home.

Rose Hips Cut
See Red Rose Petals

Rosemary Leaf Whole
Protection, Love, Mental Powers, Exorcism, Purification, Healing, Sleep, Youth. Rosemary in all of its forms is used for protection and banishment good for working from your wiccan altar. Rosemary leaves under your pillow do away with evil spirits and bad dreams. It is hung on porches and doors to keep thieves out. Rosemary is grown to attract elves.

Sage Leaf Cut
Immortality, Longevity, Wisdom, Protection, Wishes. Sage is used in healing amulets, incenses, and sachets, and is also used in the same manner for bringing prosperity. Sage burned at the wiccan altar or in sacred space consecrates the area. Burned in the home, it removes impurities and banishes evil, as well as providing protection.

Scullcap Cut
Love, Fidelity, Peace. Scullcap is used in spells from your wiccan altar that bring about peace, tranquility, and relaxation.

Sea Salt Coarse
Protection and cleansing.

St. John's Wort
Health, Power, Protection, Strength, Love, Divination, Happiness. St. Johnswort is hung around the neck to prevent fevers. Wearing the herb aids you in war and other battles, including those of the will and indecision. Burned at your wiccan altar it will banish evil and negativity. Hung in the home or carried, it will prevent spells of others from entering, and it is used in exorcisms. If you pick the plant on the night of St. John and hang it on your bedroom wall, you will dream of your future husband. The red juice of the stems was associated with the blood of John the Baptist, hence the plant's name.

Tonka Beans Whole
Carry in wallet or purse to attract money.

Valerian Root Cut
Love, Sleep, Purification, Protection. Valerian is used to get fighting couples back together, in spells of love, and in purification baths.

Vervain Cut
Love, Protection, Purification, Peace, Money, Youth, Chastity, Sleep, Healing. Vervain is used for cleansing incenses at your wiccan altar and baths. Buried in a field, it will make your crops abundant. It is burned to attract wealth, and hung above a bed to prevent nightmares, and above a baby's crib (out of reach!) to offer protection for the little one, and will enable the child to grow up with a love of learning and a happy outlook. Hung in the home it offers protection from negative spells, and is used as a pledge of mutual faith when given to a friend.
White Sage Leaf Whole
See sage above.

Wormwood Cut
Psychic Powers, Protection, Love, Calling Spirits. Wormwood is burned on a wiccan altar to raise your spirits to a higher level, enabling easier divination and clairvoyance. Thrown on the fire at Samhain, it will protect from the spirits that roam that night.