Medieval Dragon Artwork Dream Box
Hand Crafted By DragonOak, a truly unique design in limited supply
Western Dragon Artwork in medieval style
Medieval Dragon Artwork Dream Box Hand Crafted!

Dream Box

One medieval dragon on each side.
Another Medieval Dragon as depicted by western legend, myth, and fables.
Medieval Dragon Artwork on box sides are wood burned by hand for everlasting beauty.

Two drawer dream box
Two drawers are included on this unique designed dream box.
Box measures 9" X 9" and solid wood.

Spacious drawer dream box.
Each drawer pulls out independently and is full sized for plenty of storage.
Dragon Artwork is based on the medieval dragons of the western culture folklore, folktales, legend and myth of the european peoples.

Top drawer dream box of medieval dragon artwork
Top Drawer spacious and full designed.
Natural stains and finishes are used to protect the wood and highlight the beauty of natural wood.

Bottom drawer dream box of medieval dragon artwork
Full sized bottom drawer.

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The designs on the dragon artwork dream box are based upon dragon drawings and dragon pictures of medieval dragons of western european times.
Each dream box is designed in ancient magickal methods to honor the magic systems of old.
The medieval dragon should not be confused with puff the magic dragon. Please notice the contrast in style from western dragons when compared to oriental dragons and chinese dragons.
Each dragon design is designed to be unique based on ancient dragon sketches of days old.
The bearded dragon of today is very popular.
Most of our dragon knowledge today is based on the dragon legend, dragon fable, dragon history of our ancestors.
Tribal dragon tattoos have become very popular recently.
Common misspellings of the word medieval include: medivel,medevil,medeval,midevil, and mideval.