Components to Casting A Successful Magick Spell and Karma

To cast a successful magick spell certain items or conditions are needed. A magick spell requires that you use, and this is important, your brain. From your mental ability you generate a great deal of power in the form of intent. If you can think it you can create it. This is the whole concept behind a magick spell. Creative visualization, the ability to see the outcome, is foremost in your ability to cast a magick spell. Once you have the intent down, and this includes knowing what you want, and all the possible outcomes to the magic spell, you are ready to determine the components of magick you will need for your magick spell.

All things connected with a person contain an energy link with that person and any item belonging to them can be used for casting a magick spell.
Some examples, a person's hair holds the vibrations of his/her energy pattern, and by the use of sympathetic magic that person can be influenced by energy directed to him/her. This could be used for emotional healing of that person, motivation, or whatever. The hair acts as a point of concentration and as a focus for the directed energy. The same is true for unwashed items of clothing and other personal items. By making an image of an individual and placing his/her personal items within it, a center of focus is created. This is called a poppit, although may go by other names depending on your magical path.

For a successful magick spell you will want to work with the moon.
Works of magic for the gain of something should be done while the moon is waxing (new to full) and works to be rid of something or to undo something should be performed when the moon is waning. There are a magnitude of books and information about how and when to cast a magic spell by the moon which is called moon magick. The moon will always play a central role in any magick spell, as the astral body of the Goddess and with a focus of divination. The moon is a component of magic, and will almost always be referenced as a component to cast a successful magick spell.

Cord magic is a basic magical component in witchcraft. The color and length of the cord varies by path, but they are important magickal tools when used to cast a magick spell.
The theory being that by concentrating a desire upon the cords, using them as a focus, one can raise and condense magical energy. This energy can be set into the cord itself by knotting the cords at the point of greatest concentrated effort. In other words, you concentrate on your desire and make an exclamation of the desire as you quickly make a knot (pulling it tightly as you confirm the desire). Later, untying the knot will release the desired effect. This can be helpful when working with someone who really bothers you a lot. You can set the message as leave me alone into the cord (knot) and untying it (secretly) when the person is really on your nerves. In this case you would simply think about the person so that you raise your emotions on the subject, then begin to loop the cord into a knot. Before pulling the cord tight i into a knot, visualize their face. Then shout (out loud or within yourself) Leave me alone!. Visualize the person leaving you alone as you continue for a moment to exert tension on the cord.

As with all forms of magic, be responsible when you perform a magic spell that affects another person. Why you do something is often more established in karma than what it is that you did. For example, if you harm someone in order save another person's life as opposed to harming someone because you seek revenge, there may be a difference in the karma which you are establishing for yourself. But the kharmic consequences will still fall upon you. Obviouslythe best karmic position is, you should seek to harm no one in the first place. So, and this cannot be expressed deeply enough, you must fully consider the magick spell to determine all it's effects. If you gain at the expense of another, are willing to accept the karma that may come your way?

Condensers of Magick

Condensers are fluids which are used to carry magical charges to your magick spell. These are the oils and potions that make up components of magickal spells.
One method of charging them is to place your hands together palms down so that the index finger-tips meet as do the tips of the thumbs. Next inhale deeply, visualizing the full moon above your head. Bring the triangle opening in your hands over the condenser liquid and exhale three times through the opening and upon the liquid. As you do this visualize the light of the moon pouring down through your head and into your lungs (as you inhale) and then visualize it flowing out with your breath as you exhale.

Magical Uses Of The Four Elements

There are four basic influences which are useful in creating magick spells, which are four elements of magic. They are earth, air, fire and water. Fire works through combustion, water through mixture, air through evaporation, and earth through decomposition. These aspects are important components of a magick spell or other magical work. Generally you will have some material left over to dispose of (wax, ashes, and so forth) and it is correct to use one of the elemental methods to complete the final stages. There are special criteria that can be attributed to the elementals which will be useful in different types of spells, however the compass of that subject is far to elaborate to include here. In general the focus of the elemental components of a magick spell can be listed here. If your spell was to influence a person then the earth element is used. If the magick was to accomplish a specific goal then fire is good. Romantic and healing spells are best with water. And matters concerning mental creativity employ the element of air.

To cast a successful magick spell does not require an elaborate altar set up nor does it require the presence of all 4 elements. While it may be recommended to use the four elements only for casting a circle, or simply have them represented on your altar. It's a good idea to use a specific element for a specific purpose, rather than always calling on all four. I suspect these spells would be best performed outdoors, making the elements seem more real. Pouring one's spell-water into a stream would feel better than pouring it down the drain.

The Components Of Magickal Ritual & Magic Spells

There are essentially five components which comprise the art of creating a successful magic spells, or magickal ritual. There is no specific order for these components to cast a successful magick spell, but you should employ them all. They are:

1. Desire
2. Timing
3. Imagery
4. Direction
5. Balance

DESIRE: this can also be thought of as motivation, temptation, or persuasion. You must be moved enough to perform a magickal ritual or the work of magic spells, in order to have enough power to accomplish your goal. If you care little about the results, or put only a small amount of energy into your desire, then you are unlikely to see any real results. The stronger the need or desire, then the more likely it is that you will raise the amount of energy required to bring about the change you seek. But desire or need is not enough.

TIMING: In the performance of casting a magic spell, timing can mean success of failure. The best time to cast a magick spell or create a work of magic is when the target is most receptive. Receptivity is assured when the target is passive and open. People sleep, corporations close over-night & holidays, etc. One must also take into account the phase of the moon and the season of the year. Work with nature and not against it.

IMAGERY: The success of any magic spell also depends upon images. Anything which serves to intensify the emotions will contribute to success. Any drawing, statue, photo, scent, article of clothing, sound or situation which helps to merge you with your desire will greatly add to your success. Imagery is a constant reminder and acts as a strong component of magick. Imagery can be manipulated and modified according to the will of the witch, and becomes a component to cast a successful magick spell, which leads to realization of desire. Surround yourself with images of your desire and you will attract the proper vibrations which will attract the object of your desire.

DIRECTION: Once enough energy has been raised you must direct it towards your desire. Do not be anxious for the results because anxiety will act to draw the energy back to you before it can take effect. Try to give the matter no more thought so as not to drain its effectiveness. Mark a 7 day period off on your calendar and evaluate the situation 7 days later. It usually takes about 7 days for magic to manifest (one lunar quarter).

BALANCE: The balance factor is the reality check or practical thought which keeps you focused in the now. You must discern the need for any magick spell you engage in, and take into consideration the practical concerns of the phase of the moon and other factors. Remember that every work of magic has an connection with yourself, and you must consider the intent of your actions. This deals with what many call the 3-fold law. According to this teaching, every magical act will return back to you with more increased intensity (sort of like tossing a rock up in the air, and having it speed back down upon you). This is also an aspect of Karma, or the accumulation of debts which must be paid (in a mystical sense).

The balance factor is also applied to any perception of supernatural manifestations, psychic attack and so on. Always consider the mundane causes first before you leap into a paranoia of supernatural attack. When things go bump in the night it more likely your cat than it is a spirit. There is an old saying in the medical field concerning diagnosis: When you hear hoof beats, think horses before zebras. I think this applies to magical or psychic phenomena as well.

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