Blessing and Binding Witch Spells and Wicca Poetry - Family Book of Shadows

From the Family Book of Shadows I present these blessing spells for you to use for your next ritual.

This is the ritual done with your altar to purify and receive the goddess blessing, also known as a purification spell.

Facing east:
By Her fragrant breath—the Air
By winds blown cold and breezes fair
Be cleansed of negativity
As I will, so mote it be

Facing south:
By Her burning soul’s desire
Of dancing flame and burning Fire
Be cleansed of negativity
As I will, so mote it be

Facing west:
By Water flowing through Her veins
The force of storms and gentle rains
Be cleansed of negativity
As I will, so mote it be

Facing north:
By Earth that is Her body round
By mountain,, valley, hill and mound
Be cleansed of negativity
As I will, so mote it be

Faceing the center of your circle:
I purify this Altar now
By elements of sky and ground
By Air, Fire, Water,Earth
It’s cleansed in love and light and mirth

Facing your altar:
I bless you now that you may aid
The energy flow as magic is made
I cast out negativity
Leaving only positive to live and breathe
Within this Altar as we start this rite
Blessed be in joy, and love, and light

To Cleanse and Consecrate a magick tool

On the night of the New Moon or Full Moon
Prepare a bottle or bowl with ½ cup of water and a teaspoon of salt.
Also you will need a sage bundle or sage incense along with some protection incense like Frankincense or Dragonsblood. You also will want a candle.
If possible you will be outside where you can see the moon, if you are working indoors and you can work near a window where the moon is visible this will work too, If there is an overcast sky you can still do the cleansing you just need to make sure that you would be in a place where you would normally see the moon.
This ritual does not require a circle, however you can do one if it makes you feel better.
You will want to focus on the intent of your ritual while you prepare for it.
Now you will take the items to be cleansed , the salt and water, the candle, and the incense to the area you are working. Light the candle and light the incense or sage bundle and be sure it is smoking.

Pass the item through the incense smoke and say:
With scented Air so light and free
I give you breath now. Blessed Be

Now pass the item over the candle flame and say:
With Fire that dances wild and free
I give you passion. Blessed Be

Now you will use a feather or your finger tips to dip into the salt water and sprinkle over your item as you say:
With Water so pure I give to thee
The blood of Life now. Blessed Be

Continue sprinkling the salt water as you say:
With the salt of Earth, I give to thee
Roots in magic. Blessed Be

Now you are going to bind the items to you by saying:
I am yours and you are mine
>From now until the end of time
I give you Life now willingly
As I will, so mote it be.

Hold the items up to the Moon and say:
Lord and Lady, hear my plea
Please be present here with me
As I dedicate these (items name) to you
And to Your work-both old and new
Lend Your power and Your might
Infuse them with Your love and light
Bless these (items name) I offer Thee
As I will, so mote it be

You will want to dry and wrap your items in dark cloth if they are not being placed directly on an altar.
If you desire to fine tune your items you can keep them close to you for the next 24 hours. If you have your own words you wish to use or you have a specific deity you wish to call upon, that is perfectly acceptable.

A spell to bind another from doing you harm, also a spell of protection.
This spell works when you do not know who is sending you harm but you feel there is someone sending evil.

It is good to have a potion bottle nearby, with a blend of herbs, incense, or protection oil. A stone or tallisman also works.

All that is above
And all that is below
In perfect love and
Perfect trust bestow.

Evil sent to me
Shall be magnified
And returned by 3
The message is...
Do as ye will as
Long as it harm none.

If thou art bound
And justice be serverd
The Goddess bless
Thou gets what is deserved.

If making amends
Ye have not
For the harms
Ye have wrought
The Lord condemns

Banish now and forever more
Evil sent to harm
Lift from me this hex
And replace it with a charm.

Lord and Lady, thank you
For you presence here tonight
Bestow your light and energy
In this potion charm in sight.

Place your power within my grasp
Strengthen and protect
Give power to my spell
In the name of the Goddess, so be it.

Below are a few of my favorite wicca poems. They are short poems and easy to memorize.

ANCIENT WAYS (author unknown)

Our Souls shall talk of Ancient Times, And seasons that did part,
And our Powers shall mingle with whisper-speak, As we worship in the dark

The times I spend with Dearest friends, are now what I most cherish,
So with Hearts and Minds and Souls we’ll bind
That our friendships never parish.

And, learn we will, this Craft so old, as we travel through this land,
But shield it from the Masses, For they cannot understand.

So Merry Meet and Merry Greet, and Merry we shall part…
On those special eves, when we shall gather,
And revel in the Art.


We will serve the Goddess and give reverence to the God,
We are pagan, stones of the Ancient Circle
Standing firmly based and balanced on Earth,
Yet open to the winds of the Gods, and enduring through time.
May the Ancient Ones witness our words.

By the power of the Ancient Gods
We bind all power within this circle,
Into this spell, so mote it be.


As woods and meadows blossom and green, We celebrate this ancient rite
As the old ones did before us.
We cast our words into the mists of time and space.
Where We stand now, in years to come,
May scores of other pagans be
So let it be.

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The web page offers free spell and free witch spells at no charge whatsoever. Totally free, no hitches. So mote it be!!

These free witch spells include spells to cleanse and consecrate, so let it be.

These free spells come from gypsies magic altar and also list some of her favorite wicca poetry. Some of these free witch spells come from her secret family book of shadows.

There is also a free witch spell of protection designed to banish evil. This is a binding spell fro someone sending evil.

Many free spells also utilize a potion, or protection oil, or maybe a charm as part of the ritual.

Terms or words of power for free witch spells include salt of earth, blood of life, belssed be, lord and lady, and love and light, because these words recognize the ancient rite and honors the ancient gods.

The times to utilize these free witch spells should be carefully considered as to a new moon or a full moon.

Elements are always a part of the free witch spells of fire, earth, water, and air.

And with these free spells we wish upon you the goddess blessing, and many blessings.