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Learning Astrology

Signs of Astrology

I. Why Learn Astrology

A. We will gain a better understanding of ourselves.

B. We can better understand our relationships

C. We will have a better understanding of people in general

D. We can use astrology to benefit our life goals.

II. Types of Astrology

A. Sidereal or Tropical?

1. Sidereal is by constellation. Based on the vernal equinoxes four thousand years ago.

2. Tropical is by the sign. Most astrologers today follow this school.

B. Natural = Influence of the planets on weather, tides, etc.

C. Mundane = Astrology of nations, cities, etc.

D. Natal = The study of individual and their birth charts

E. Horary = The study of a particular question that occurs at some moment and place.

III. Wheel Systems and their use in Astrology (Blank Chart included)

A. Based on the path of the stars through the sky that we observe above.

B. Ascendant = The degree of the ecliptic rising over the horizon at the time of our birth. This often represent the mask that we present to the world.

C. Midheavan = The placement of this position are the elements that we look up too and strive to complete as goals in our lives.

D. Descendant = This house deals with are attitude towards partnerships in our lifetime.

E. IC (Imum Coeli) = The placement of this position will symbolize our roots and matters of the fourth house.

IV. The Elements of Astrology

A. Fire = Action = Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius

1. Positive Attributes: Fiery, ardent, enthusiastic, spontaneous, self-sufficient, and romantic.

2. Negative Attributes: Bossy and forceful.

B. Earth = Material =Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn

1. Positive Attributes: Practical, earthy, dependable, conservative, and sensual. They love material comfort and have good recuperative powers.

2. Negative Attributes: Dull and materialistic.

C. Air = Intellect = Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius

1. Positive Attributes: Intellectual, abstract, logical, broadminded, objective, idealistic, and unprejudiced.

2. Negative Attributes: Cold and impractical.

D. Water = Emotion = Cancer (Liquid), Scorpio (Frozen), and Pisces (Gaseous).

1. Positive Attributes: Feeling, sustaining, receptive, emotional, intuitive, responsive, sensitive and deep.

2. Negative Attributes: Moody and easily influenced by the environment.

V. The Qualities of Astrology

A. Cardinal (Mark the beginning of the season)

1. Signs = Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn

2. Positive Attributes: Active, ardent, ambitious, enthusiastic, and quick witted.

3. Negative Attributes: Hasty, inconsiderate, and domineering.

B. Fixed (Mark the midpoint of a season)

1. Signs = Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius

2. Positive Attributes: Good memory, determined, and dignified.

3. Negative Attributes: Stubborn and egotistical.

C. Mutable (Mark the end of a Season)

1. Signs = Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces

2. Positive Attributes: Versatile, adaptable, changeable, sympathetic, and intuitive.

3. Negative Attributes: Deceptive, crafty, inconsistent, and undependable.

VI. Signs of Astrology

A. Quick Word on Ruler Ships

1. Each sign has a particular planet that rules in that position, the planets qualities will be strong and should be noticed during interpretation.

2. Each sign has a particular planet that is considered in “fall” when in that sign, the planet is weak and does not work well in these positions.

B. Quick Word on Glyphs

1. Each sign, planet, and aspect has its own symbol.

2. Symbols will be discussed in each section as the course proceeds.

C. Aries

1. Planetary ruler = Mars

2. Anatomy = The head

3. Key Phrase = I am

4. Key Word = Activity

5. Principle = Active

6. Positive Characteristics = Positive, executive, competitive, impulsive, eager, courageous, independent, dynamic, lives in present, and quick.

7. Negative Characteristics = Domineering, quick-tempered, violent, intolerant, hasty, arrogant, “me first”, lacks follow through.

8. Foods = Onions, leeks, hops.

9. Countries = England, France, Germany, Denmark.

D. Taurus

1. Planetary ruler = Venus

2. Anatomy = Throat, neck, ears, and thyroid.

3. Key Phrase = I possess

4. Key Word = Stability

5. Principle = Passive

6. Positive Characteristics = Patient, conservative, domestic, sensual, thorough, stable, dependable, practical, artistic, loyal.

7. Negative Characteristics = Self-indulgent, stubborn, slow-moving, argumentative, short-tempered, possessive, greedy, materialistic.

8. Foods = Cereals, berry, fruits, apple, pear, artichoke, bean, asparagus.

9. Countries = Ireland, Switzerland, Iran, Cyprus, Greek Islands.

E. Gemini

1. Planetary ruler = Mercury

2. Anatomy = Lungs, collar bone, hands, arms, shoulders, nervous system.

3. Key Phrase = I think

4. Key Word = Versatility

5. Principle = Active

6. Positive Characteristics = Dual, congenial, curious, adaptable, expressive, quick-witted, literary, inventive, clever.

7. Negative Characteristics = Changeable, ungrateful, scatterbrained, restless, scheming, lacking concentration, lacking follow through.

8. Foods = Nuts, vegetables grown above ground except cabbage, carrots.

9. Countries = Wales, Belgium, USA, Lower Egypt, Armenia.

F. Cancer

1. Planetary ruler = Moon

2. Anatomy = Breast, stomach, upper lobes of the liver.

3. Key Phrase = I feel

4. Key Word = Devotion

5. Principle = Passive

6. Positive Characteristics = Tenacious, intuitive, maternal, domestic, sensitive, retentive, helpful, sympathetic, emotional, patriotic, good memory, traditional.

7. Negative Characteristics = Brooding, touchy, too easily hurt, manipulative, too cautious, lazy, selfish, sorry for self.

8. Foods = Milk, fish, fruits and vegetables with high water content, cabbage, turnip.

9. Countries = Scotland, Holland, North and West Africa, New Zealand, Paraguay.

G. Leo

1. Planetary ruler = Sun

2. Anatomy = Heart, sides, and upper back.

3. Key Phrase = I will

4. Key Word = Magnetism

5. Principle = Active

6. Positive Characteristics = Dramatic, idealistic, proud, ambitious, creative, dignified, romantic, generous, self-assured, optimistic.

7. Negative Characteristics = Vain, status conscious, childish, overbearing, fears ridicule, cruel, boastful, pretentious.

8. Foods = Meat, rice, honey, crops and vines, vegetables with high iron content.

9. Countries = Italy, Romania, Sicily, Lebanon, South of France.

H. Virgo

1. Planetary ruler = Mercury

2. Anatomy = Intestines, liver, pancreas, gall bladder, lower plexus, upper bowel.

3. Key Phrase = I analyze.

4. Key Word = Practicality

5. Principle = Passive

6. Positive Characteristics = Industrious, studious, scientific, methodical, discriminating, fact finding, exacting, clean humane, seeks perfection.

7. Negative Characteristics = Critical, petty, melancholy, fears disease and poverty, picky, skeptical, sloppy.

8. Foods = Vegetables grown under the earth, nuts, vegetables grown above ground except cabbage, carrots.

9. Countries = Greece, West Indies, Turkey, Brazil, Crete, Mesopotamia.

I. Libra

1. Planetary ruler = Venus

2. Anatomy = Kidneys, lower back, adrenal glands, appendix

3. Key Phrase = I balance

4. Key Word = Harmony

5. Principle = Active

6. Positive Characteristics = Cooperative, persuasive, companionable, peace-loving, refined, judicial, artistic, diplomatic, sociable, suave.

7. Negative Characteristics = Fickle, apathetic, loves intrigue, peace at any price, pouting, indecisive, easily deterred.

8. Foods = Cereals, berry, fruits, apple, pear, artichoke, bean, asparagus.

9. Countries = Austria, Burma, Japan, Argentina, Canada, Upper Egypt, Tibet, Indochina.

J. Scorpio

1. Planetary ruler = Pluto

2. Anatomy = The genitals, bladder, rectum, reproductive organs.

3. Key Phrase = I desire

4. Key Word = Intensity

5. Principle = Passive

6. Positive Characteristics = Motivated, penetrating, executive, resourceful, determined, scientific, investigative, probing, passionate, aware.

7. Negative Characteristics = Vengeful, temperamental, secretive, overbearing, violent, sarcastic, suspicious, jealous, intolerant.

8. Foods = Onions, leeks, hops and strong tasting foods.

9. Countries = Morocco, Norway, Algeria, Syria, Korea, Uruguay.

K. Sagittarius

1. Planetary ruler = Jupiter

2. Anatomy = Hips, thighs, and upper leg

3. Key Phrase = I understand

4. Key Word = Visualization

5. Principle = Active

6. Positive Characteristics = Straightforward, philosophical, freedom loving, broadminded, athletic, generous, optimistic, just, religious, scholarly, enthusiastic.

7. Negative Characteristics = Argumentative, exaggerative, talkative, procrastination, self-indulgent, blunt, impatient, gambler, pushy, hot-headed.

8. Foods = Bulb vegetables, grapefruit, celery, onions, leeks.

9. Countries = Spain, Australia, Hungary, South Africa, Arabia

L. Capricorn

1. Planetary ruler = Saturn

2. Anatomy = Knees and lower leg

3. Key Phrase = I use

4. Key Word = Ambition

5. Principle = Passive

6. Positive Characteristics = Cautious, responsible, scrupulous, conventional, businesslike, perfectionist, traditional, practical, hardworking, economical, serious.

7. Negative Characteristics = Egotistic, domineering, unforgiving, fatalistic, the mind rules over the heart, stubborn, brooding, inhibited, status seeking.

8. Foods = Meats, potato, barley, beet, spinach, malt, onion, starchy foods.

9. Countries = India, Mexico, Afghanistan, Macedonia, Thrace, Albania, Bulgaria

M. Aquarius

1. Planetary ruler = Uranus

2. Anatomy = The Ankles

3. Key Phrase = I know

4. Key Word = Imagination

5. Principle = Active

6. Positive Characteristics = Independent, inventive, tolerant, individualistic, progressive, artistic, scientific, logical, humane, intellectual.

7. Negative Characteristics = Unpredictable, temperamental, bored by detail, cold, too fixed opinions, shy, eccentric, radical, impersonal, rebellious.

8. Foods = Foods that preserve well, frozen food, apples, citrus, dried fruits.

9. Countries = Sweden, Poland, Israel, Iran

N. Pisces

1. Planetary ruler = Neptune

2. Anatomy = The feet

3. Key Phrase = I believe

4. Key Word = Understanding

5. Principle = Passive.

6. Positive Characteristics = Compassionate, charitable, sympathetic, emotional, sacrificing, intuitive, introspective, musical, artistic.

7. Negative Characteristics = Procrastinating, over-talking, melancholy, pessimistic, emotionally inhibited, timid, impractical, indolent, often feels misunderstood.

8. Foods = Cucumber, pumpkin, lettuce, melon.

9. Countries = Portugal, Scandinavia, Gobi and Sahara desert.

Planets of Astrology

I. Review of the last class

A. Signs = attributes of those signs were given in the context of the Sun sign

B. Now keep the attributes but move away delineating the sun only

II. Wheel Systems and their use in Astrology

A. Refer to the charts that have been given and notice the wheel formation of the chart.

B. Inside the wheel notice the glyphs that represent the planets, which shows placement of the planets in a given sign.

III. Planet cycles

A. Moon = 28 days to complete on cycle.

B. Mercury = 88 days to orbit the Sun.

C. Venus = 224 ½ days to orbit the Sun.

D. Sun = 1 year to cycle the zodiac.

E. Mars = 22 months to complete one cycle of the zodiac

F. Jupiter = 12 years to cycle the zodiac.

G. Saturn = 28-30 years for one cycle.

H. Uranus = 84 years for one cycle.

I. Neptune = 165 years for one cycle.

J. Pluto = 248 years for one cycle.

IV. Planet Qualities

A. Mars, Mercury, Venus, Moon, and Sun are personal, meaning that they affect us on a more personal level.

B. Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto are more generational and affect whole groups of people.

V. Planets of Astrology

A. Quick Word on Ruler Ships

1. Each sign has a particular planet that rules in that position, the planets qualities will be strong and should be noticed during interpretation.

2. Each sign has a particular planet that is exalted in that position, the planets qualities work harmoniously in these positions.

3. Each sign has a particular planet that is considered in “fall” when in that sign, the planet is weak and does not work well in these positions.

4. Each sign has a particular planet that is considered in detriment when in that sign, that planets qualities need effort to work in these positions.

B. Quick Word on Glyphs

1. Each sign, planet, and aspect has its own symbol.

2. Symbols will be discussed in each section as the course proceeds.

C. Sun

1. Rules = Leo, Exalted = Aries

2. Falls = Libra, Detriment = Aquarius

3. Anatomy = The heart, upper back, spleen, circulatory system, the sperm, right eye of male and left eye of female.

4. Keywords = Self-expression, vitality, inner self.

5. Represents = Power urge, personality, ego.

6. Examples = Where we find the sun in our charts is where we want to shine.

D. Moon

1. Rules = Cancer, Exalted = Taurus

2. Falls = Scorpio, Detriment = Capricorn

3. Anatomy = Breasts, stomach, fluid balance of the body, digestion, glandular secretions, left eye of the male, right eye of the female.

4. Keywords = Response, instinct, intuition, fluctuation, and emotion. Habit patterns, personal interests, rules liquids and trades.

5. Represents = Domestic, nurturing urge.

6. Examples = Where you find the Moon in the chart is where you find the emotional ups and downs.

E. Mercury

1. Rules = Gemini, Virgo Exalted = Aquarius

2. Falls = Leo, Detriment = Sagittarius, Pisces

3. Anatomy = Nervous System, brain, sight, mouth, tongue, respiratory system, hands and arms, hormones.

4. Keywords = Mind, communication, reasoning ability. Watch for traveling. Dexterity, opinion, rules equipment of transportation and communication.

5. Represents = Intellectual urge, the avenue of expression.

6. Examples = Where Mercury is placed in our charts is where and how we communicate the best.

F. Venus

1. Rules = Taurus and Libra, Exalted = Pisces

2. Falls = Virgo, Detriment = Scorpio and Aries

3. Anatomy = Throat, chin, cheeks, sense of taste, kidneys, ovaries, internal reproductive organs, venous blood circulation, sensory organs of skin.

4. Keywords = Harmony, unison, love, affection. Culture, tastes, art, poetry, music. Marriage governed, love and sensuality but not sex.

5. Represents = Social urge and sense of value. Feminine side of nature.

6. Examples = Where you find Venus in your chart is what you really enjoy.

G. Mars

1. Rules = Aries, Co-Rules Scorpio, Exalted = Capricorn

2. Falls = Cancer, Detriment = Libra, Taurus

3. Anatomy = The muscular system, external reproductive organs, head and face, red blood corpuscles, motor nerves, bladder, adrenal glands.

4. Keywords = Physical energy, initiative, ambition, animal nature, sexual energies, governs surgery, injury. Sudden action. Courage and strength. Male side of our nature.

5. Represents = Action, aggressive urge, initiative

6. Examples = Where we find Mars is where we expend our greatest energy.

H. Jupiter

1. Rules = Sagittarius, sub-rules Pisces, Exalted = Cancer

2. Falls = Capricorn, Detriment = Gemini

3. Anatomy = Arterial blood, circulation, the liver, thighs, hips, feet, right ear, upper forehead, glycogen and fatty tissues, pancreas.

4. Keywords = Expansion, luck, higher education, hunting, promotes health and growth.

5. Represents = Benevolent, and protective urge, fatherly instinct.

6. Examples = Where you find Jupiter in your chart is where you are likely to find good fortune and spend your leisure time.

I. Saturn

1. Rules = Capricorn, sub-rules Aquarius, Exalted = Libra

2. Falls = Aries, Detriment = Cancer

3. Anatomy = Skin, skeletal system, teeth, ligaments, knees left ear, auditory organs, gall bladder, parathyroid glands, body protein.

4. Keywords = Stability, limitation, restriction, control, teacher. Rules organization, capacity for career, patience, tradition, action is slow and lasting.

5. Represents = Urge for security and safety.

6. Examples = Where Saturn is placed in the chart is where you feel least secure and tend to over compensate.

J. Uranus

1. Rules = Aquarius, Exalted = Scorpio

2. Falls = Taurus, Detriment = Leo

3. Anatomy = Higher nervous system, body electricity, ankles.

4. Keywords = Change, disruptions, shock, the awakener. Inventions, magic, the occult, astrology, ingenuity, rebellion. Breaker of traditions. Natural disasters.

5. Represents = Freedom urge, divine discontent.

6. Examples = Where you find Uranus in the chart is where you tend to do the unusual.

K. Neptune

1. Rules = Pisces, Exalted = Leo

2. Falls = Aquarius, Detriment = Virgo

3. Anatomy = Spinal column, nerve fibers, feet, pineal gland, telepathic function, white corpuscles.

4. Keywords = Cloudiness, unreality, intuition. Maritime matters, music, movies, illusion, spirituality, things we take for granted, fog, petroleum, second sight, drugs and drug addiction, alcoholism.

5. Represents = Spiritual or escapist urge.

6. Examples = Where you find Neptune in your chart is where you tend to deceive yourself or others and where you tend to seek the ideal.

L. Pluto

1. Rules = Scorpio, Exalted = Virgo

2. Falls = Pisces, Detriment = Taurus

3. Anatomy = The eliminative and reproductive systems, pituitary gland, abnormal growths.

4. Keywords = Transformation. Rules underworld, submerged self, printing, masses, waste, phobias, atomic power, kidnapping, disappearance, viruses, regeneration, exposes secrets.

5. Represents = Destroying or reforming urge, infusion.

6. Examples = Where you find Pluto in the chart is where you find complexity and where you will have to solve your problems alone and unaided.

Houses of Astrology

I. Three more planetary influences left out from previous class.

A. Ascendant

1. The Ascendant can be summed up by defining it as this is the mask that a person wears.

2. This point will reveal how a person presents themselves to others.

B. Midheavan

1. This is the point that people identify with as to goals and mission. This

point will identify issue that are important to the subject.

2. Often this is where goals and ideals of the subject are strong.

C. Node

1. (Dragon’s head) This is a point of gain, increase in confidence.

2. Where it occurs in your chart is where you should strive for fulfillment.

II. How the signs, planets, and houses work together.

A. Envision our personalities as a Broadway play.

B. The Planets are the actors/actresses

C. The signs are how they play their roles.

D. The houses are the sets that they act out those scenes.

III. Houses of Astrology

A. House systems

1. Most people use the equal house system. This is based on the ascendant and each house composed of 30 degrees.

2. I prefer the Placidius house system because I have found it to be more effective.

3. The degree of house placement is based on mathematical computations of varying degrees. Other house systems include Vedic, Porphyry, Koch, etc.

B. House #1

1. Keywords: Identity

2. Natural Sign: Aries

3. Natural Ruler: Mars

4. Type: Angular

5. A house of: Life

6: Description: This shows your natural disposition and tendencies. This is the way you express yourself. This is how others see you and how you want others to see you. Represents physical body, health, early childhood years, shows approach to life, worldly outlook, appearance and bearing, and the beginnings of all enterprises.

C. House #2

1. Keywords: Possessions, values.

2. Natural Sign: Taurus

3. Natural Ruler: Venus

4. Type: Succedent

5. A house of: Substance

6: Description: This house shows possessions (except real estate), financial affairs, and investments, earning power, gain or loss through your own effort. Indicates inner talents, need for fulfillment, sense of self-worth and sense of values. House of personal liberty and material debt.

D. House #3

1. Keywords: Communication, awareness.

2. Natural Sign: Gemini

3. Natural Ruler: Mercury

4. Type: Cadent

5. A house of: side by side relationships

6: Description: Shows the local environment you live in, brothers, sisters, all forms of communication. It indicates the means of transportation, short trips, adaptability of your mind to learning and new ideas, ability to relate to your environment and your taken for granted skills. Conscious and objective mind. Primary schooling.

E. House #4

1. Keywords: Home, domestic life, security.

2. Natural Sign: Cancer

3. Natural Ruler: Moon

4. Type: Angular

5. A house of: Endings.

6: Description: Shows home that you will or have established, your parents, roots. This includes heritage, heredity, private life, property this is where real estate falls, and all that is secluded. This is the house of endings, closing years of life, ending of all matters, fame after death. This can also indicate the place of burial. Also show the parent that had the greatest influence on you as a child, show your subjective self, and the foundation of character.

F. House #5

1. Keywords: Creativity, pleasure, risk taking

2. Natural Sign: Leo

3. Natural Ruler: Sun

4. Type: Succedent

5. A house of: Life

6: Description: Children, love affairs, romance, pleasures, amusements, holidays, vacations, games, speculations, hobbies, and avocations. This can include your emotional attitude and the love that you give. Shows your enterprise, sports, originality, and creative outlets. Dramatic, literary, or artistic ability. Can indicate publication, politics, fine arts, social affairs, pregnancy, education of children, groups that you belong to.

G. House #6

1. Keywords: Routine work, hygiene, and health.

2. Natural Sign: Virgo

3. Natural Ruler: Mercury

4. Type: Cadent

5. A house of: substance.

6: Description: Shows your work, health and habits. Indicates employment, employees, tenants, servants, pets, and dependents. This shows service given to others, clothes and how you wear them. Interest in food and diet, sickness and all conditions affecting health. Indicates aunts and uncles, self-adjustment, and unconscious mind. Here work and health are linked together.

H. House #7

1. Keywords: Relationships, partnerships

2. Natural Sign: Libra

3. Natural Ruler: Venus

4. Type: Angular

5. A house of: face to face relationships

6: Description: Shows both business and marital partnerships, divorce, contracts, lawsuits, arguments and agreements, any dealings with the public and the public response. It shows open enemies, style of cooperation or lack of cooperation. It shows your weakest personality traits, attitudes towards marriage, mate, quality of your marriage, and how many you have. Indicates your grandparents, and people that act as your agent or on your behalf.

I. House #8

1. Keywords: Sex, death, inheritance, investment, and regeneration

2. Natural Sign: Scorpio

3. Natural Ruler: Pluto

4. Type: Succedent.

5. A house of: endings

6: Description: This house shows the support you receive from other people including; financial, moral, spiritual and physical. It indicates legacies, wills, taxes, and insurance matters. It indicates secrets, sex, and spiritual and physical regeneration. Also psychological rebirth, degeneration, and death. This is the house of occult matters, sleep, deep research, investigations, and hidden assets, assets of partners and alimony. House of surgery and along with the sixth house shows type of illnesses.

J. House #9

1. Keywords: Higher education, aspiration

2. Natural Sign: Sagittarius

3. Natural Ruler: Jupiter

4. Type: Cadent

5. A house of: Life

6: Description: This house shows the higher mind, the super conscious. It indicates religion, law, science, ideals, higher learning, philosophy, psychology, mental study, dreams and visions. This is the house that shows distant travel, foreigners, commerce, big business, imports and exports. This is the house of the church, clergy, in-laws, grandchildren, intuition, ethics and public opinion. It indicates the lessons we learn through living.

K. House #10

1. Keywords: Aspirations and Ambitions

2. Natural Sign: Capricorn

3. Natural Ruler: Saturn

4. Type: Angular

5. A house of: Substance

6: Description: This is the house of profession, reputation and standing in the community. It indicates your ego, status, fame, promotion, ambition, business and social activities, employer, government and authority over you, achievements, how the world evaluates you, and the influence you exert. Here we find the opposite parent that we found in the fourth house.

L. House #11

1. Keywords: Social conscience.

2. Natural Sign: Aquarius

3. Natural Ruler: Uranus

4. Type: Succedent

5. A house of: group relationships

6: Description: This house shows our capacity for friendships, attitudes towards acquaintances and all non-emotional relationships, our desires in live, our goals, love that we receive and money that we obtain from a profession. This is the house of step-children, foster and adopted children, as well as circumstances that we have little control. Humanitarian interests, the way you see others, large and small organizations, the clubs that we belong to that relate to career.

M. House #12

1. Keywords: Seclusion, institutions, self-undoing, subconscious

2. Natural Sign: Pisces

3. Natural Ruler: Neptune

4. Type: Cadent

5. A house of: Endings

6: Description: This house shows your unknown and hidden strengths and weaknesses. This house shows sorrow, suffering, limitations, handicaps, secrets, seclusion, frustrations, and behind the scenes action. This house indicates places of confinement and restraint, jails, hospitals, mental institutions. This is the house of inhibitions, exile, secret enemies, hidden dangers, self-undoing. These are the things we hide from others. Subconscious mind, spiritual debts to be paid (karma), research, background, charity, sympathy, and public welfare. This is the closet of our horoscope, we sweep away or hide problems which are too painful to face or difficulties that we refuse to acknowledge.

N: House within a house.

1. This occurs when one house is completely within another house.

2. The effects of this occurrence are that the qualities within that sign takes on both the aspect of the sign that is on the cusp of the house and the sign that is within this house.

O: Types of houses.

1. Angular: Related to Cardinal signs. 1st, 4th, 7th, 10th houses. Planets in angular houses have great potential for dynamic action and their influences are intensified.

2. Succedent: Related to Fixed signs. 2nd, 5th, 8th, 11th houses. These houses are not as powerful, but they give us stability and purpose. They are also referred to as the financial houses.

3. Cadent: Related to Mutable signs. 3rd, 6th, 9th, 12th houses. These house are adaptable and often refereed to as mental houses.

Aspects of Astrology

I. What are Aspects?

A. When planets are placed within a specific number of degrees away from one another, they are said to be in aspect to each other.

B. In the acting analogy as given in the last class, the planets are the actors, the signs are the roles they play, the houses are the settings where the roles are played, and the aspects will show us how the actors play theirs roles in relation to one another.

C. In the charts that were drawn up for the class the aspects are the lines as drawn in the center of the charts.

II. Types of Aspects

A. Conjunction

1. Angle = 0°

2. Indicates emphasis, inauguration, intensification, concentration, and new activity.

3. A conjunction is two or three planets located within an orb of 7°. Usually the planets are all within the same sign, but occasionally they can be found in adjacent signs.

4. The principle characteristic of a conjunction is that it gives more emphasis to a sign. It is direct and it affects you on an outer and obvious level. It can be favorable or unfavorable. A group of three or more planets in conjunction and is called a stellium.

B. Square

1. Angle is 90°.

2. A square indicates challenge, action, often dynamic, tension, accomplishment, and turning points.

3. The square involves two planets that are 90° or three signs apart.

4. The personal characteristic of a square is that action and decision are the essence of any square. Squares if handles wisely can be stepping stones or building blocks. Cardinal squares are quick, fixed squares are slow and deliberate, and mutable that action is variable and depends on the influence of others.

C. Opposition

1. Angle is 180°

2. An opposition indicates awareness, outreach, balance, cooperation, conflict.

3. The opposition involves two planets that are 180° or six signs apart.

4. Its potential value is to develop perspective and awareness. It show opposing factors at work which compliment one another when reconciled. An opposition involves recognizing a lack within yourself and using the polarity of two signs to meet that lack.

D. Trine

1. Angle 120°

2. The trine indicates flow and ease, idealism, inspiration, harmony, indolence.

3. This involves two planets that are four signs apart.

4. The trine is generally favorable, and permits easy interaction between two planets, but there is no compulsion to use the planets advantageously because there is no stress or tension. A trine can also indicate a tendency to choose a line of least resistance. The trine indicates natural creativity, talent, the ability to express things easily, and pleasures.

E. Inconjunct

1. Angle is 150°

2. The inconjunct indicates adjustment, reorganization, lack of perspective, strain.

3. The inconjunct involves two planets five signs apart.

4. In this aspect the signs are totally unrelated to one another. The planets share neither the same quality nor the same element, nor or the both active or passive, it is much harder to integrate these forces and calls for many adjustments. The inconjunct demands a change of attitude, a change of habit pattern, and a need to adjust to conditions indicates by the planets and houses in question. Often health and or finances are involved in some way.

F. Sextile

1. Angle is 60°

2. The sextile indicates opportunity, attraction, self expression, affability.

3. The sextile involves two planets that are two signs apart.

4. Sextiles create an ease and understanding in the gathering of information and expression. The planets cooperate with one another.

III. Some Uncommon Aspect Configurations

A. The Tee-Square

1. This consists of two planets in opposition aspect, joined by a third making a square aspect to both of them.

2. This aspect is a tense and dynamic pattern. This can be enormously energizing, and it usually gives strength to the individual, in spite of all the aspects formed being negative ones.

B. The Grand Trine

1. This is when three planets are in trine to one another forming a triangle on the chart.

2. While this is a positive looking aspect, beware; there is a tendency towards lackadaisical, laid back attitude that must be countered. This aspect needs to the individual to work with the talent and not take for granted that it is there.

C. The Grand Cross

1. This consist of four planets spaced 90° apart, forming two opposition aspects and making a cross on the chart. At the same time all four make square aspects to one another.

2. This is known as the make or break pattern. People having this aspect are either extremely brave, energetic, powerful and successful often overcoming great obstacles to win or they cannot cope with the powerful effect and crumble.

D. The Pointer

1. This can form in one of two ways

a. A planet in opposition is contacted by inconjuncts of two other planets, forming an arrowhead shape.

b. A planet will inconjunct two other planets, while the two other planets sextile one another, forming a similar arrowhead shape.

2. This is a stressful configuration. It is said that the planet at the apex will “show the way”, as this is the directions that the individual should take to center the affairs of the house in which the point falls.. Take time and effort to overcome the stressful aspect and new awareness and completions will be achieved.

E. Unaspected Planets

1. This is when a planet forms no aspects to the other planets.

2. This is a very powerful focal point, and usually means that the individual is very aware of the planet’s influence, but may not be able to integrate its qualities psychologically into the personality.

F. The Stellium

1. This is when three or more planets form a conjunction to one another.

2. This will strengthen the effects of the sign and house it is found in. Often this is why a Capricorn may not appear to be Capricorn, etc.

Aspects of Astrology

I. Additional interpretations of Astrology?

A. Chart types

1. Splash Pattern – Planets are spread throughout the chart. These people are varied in interest but may be superficial and inconsistent.

2. The Bundle – Here the planets are very close together. These people do well as specialist and find variety within the confines of that subject.

3. The Locomotive - Planets are lined on 2/3rds of the chart with a clear planet as leader. These people have a fund of energy at their disposal, as it is required.

4. The Bowl – Planets occupy one half of the chart. Subjects are self-contained and scoop up experience; the houses in which the planets are located are especially relevant.

5. The Bucket - 9 planets are in one half of the chart, the 10th is in the other half, making an anchorage. Usually achievement is more important than the end product.

6. The See-Saw – The planets are in two groups on opposite sides of the chart. Subjects will weigh every possibility before coming to decision.

7. Splay – Planets are spread all over the chart but in very uneven groups. These people are individualist, disliking routine or discipline.

B. Oriental Appearance – This is the planet that rises before the sun in the chart. This gives us insight into additional psychological or motivational needs of an individual.

C. Part of Fortune – Is a point in the chart where we find enjoyment and success.

D. House Rulers – Each house has a sign with a ruling planet. There is a method of further delineation of the horoscope based on what other house the ruling planet is in.

E. Final Signatures – This is based on the qualities and elements of the chart. By determining the most common type of element and most common type of quality, thus another important factor in delineation of the horoscope.

F. Unaspected Planets – The planet that is unaspected works doubly hard to integrate into the chart. Major emphasis in delineation is stressed in getting the planet to balance.

G. Retrograde Planets – This is a planet with a R marked next to the degree in your chart. They appear to be going backwards at the time the chart is set for. These planets may take a little longer in our life to show the emphasis in our lives. Sometimes this planet is less obvious.

H. Intercepted Signs – This is when a sign is completely contained in a house. These signs are in restraint in that house, the person needs to learn to apply that sign.

I. Intercepted Houses - This is when two sets of houses are linked together because they have the same sign. The affairs ruled by these two houses tend to blend and intermingle.

J. Mutual Reception is a term used when two planets are in each others sign of dignity or ruler ship. For example if Venus is in Aries, and Mars is in Taurus. This is considered a very beneficial and harmonious relationship for the two planets.

K. High Focus Planet –a planet that makes more aspects than any other planet. Again this is vital to understand that because of all the aspect makes it a high focus planet.

L. Final Dispositor -This is when only one planet is in its sign of dignity and not mutual reception. This planet becomes very important in the persons chart.

M. Arabian Parts – Old Arabic method of A+B-C= a point in the chart. For example Mars + Venus – Jupiter = a sensitive point in the horoscope on the subconscious level.

N. Midpoints – This is when the midpoint degree of two planets conjuncts with another planet, there is specific and detail meaning. Very interesting study.

O. Fixed Stars – Very old method of delineation of the horoscope using fixed stars and the conjunction with a planet. These aspects are credited with special influences of their own. These delineations can be somewhat dire, but must remember that it just means one is prone to possibility with these delineations.

II. Putting it all together.

1. Use keywords in a sentence.

2. Example Mars in Scorpio in the 4th house.

a. Mars = Keywords = Physical energy, initiative, ambition, animal nature, sexual energies, governs surgery, injury. Sudden action. Courage and strength. Male side of our nature.

b. Positive Characteristics = Motivated, penetrating, executive, resourceful, determined, scientific, investigative, probing, passionate, aware.

Negative Characteristics = Vengeful, temperamental, secretive, overbearing, violent, sarcastic, suspicious, jealous, intolerant.

c. Keywords: Home, domestic life, security.

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