The Chronology of the Roman Goddess Diana; The Goddess of the Witches

The following Chronology will demonstrate the continuation of the Society of Diana up through the centuries to modern times. Many Stregharian witches follow this dictum.

* 1006 AD: 19th book of the Decretum (entitled Corrector) associates the worship of Diana with the common pagan folk.
* 1280 AD: Diocesan Council of Conserans associates the Witch Cult with the worship of a Pagan Goddess
* 1310 AD: Council of Trier associates witches with the goddess Diana (and Herodias)
* 1313 AD: Giovanni de Matociis writes in his Historiae Imperiales, that many lay people believe in a nocturnal society headed by a queen they call Diana.
* 1390 AD: A woman was tried by the Milanese Inquisition for belonging to the Society of Diana, she confessed to worshipping the goddess of Night and stated that "Diana" bestowed blessings on her.
* 1457 AD: 3 women tried in Bressanone, confess that they belonged to the Society of Diana (as recorded by Nicholas of Cusa).
* 1526 AD: Judge Paulus Grillandus writes of witches in the town of Benevento who worship a goddess at the site of an old walnut tree.
* 1576 AD: Bartolo Spina writes in his Quaestico de Strigibus. listing info gathered from confessions, that witches gather at night to worship their goddess, Diana, and have dealings with night spirits.
* 1647 AD: Peter Pipernus writes in his De Nuce Maga Beneventana & De Effectibus Magicis, of a women named Violanta who confessed to worshipping Diana at the site of an old walnut tree in the town of Benevento.
* 1749 AD: Girolamo Tartarotti associates the Witch Cult with the ancient cult of Diana, in his book Del Congresso Nottorno Delle Lammie.
* 1890 AD: Author Charles Leland associates the Witch Cult with the goddess Diana, as a survival of the ancient ways, in his book Etruscan Magic & Occult Remedies.
* 1894 AD: Lady Vere de Vere, after investigating witchcraft as it then existed in the Italian Tyrol region, wrote an article in La Rivista of Rome (June 1894) stating that ...the Community of Italian Witches is regulated by laws, traditions, and customs of the most secret kind, possessing special recipes for sorcery.
* 1895 AD: Professor Milani (Etruscan Scholar & Director of Archaeological Museum in Florence) states that various elements of ancient Etruscan occultism have been ...marvelously preserved in the Italian Witch Tradition....Professor Milani was familiar with the works of both Lady Vere de Vere and Charles Leland.

Source material for Chronology:

* Ecstasies-deciphering the witches Sabbath
* Night Battles-witchcraft and agrarian cults (by Ginzburg)
* Etruscan Magic & Occult Remedies, Legends of Florence,
* Aradia; gospel of the witches (by Charles Leland).
* The World of Witches, by Julio Baroja.

- From Lady reference
Prayer to Diana

O My Goddess, Diana, hear my song of adoration. Hear my voice when I sing Thy praises. Hear my songs as they rise heavenward, when the Full Moon, brightly shining, fills the heavens with Thy beauty. O my beautiful Moon Goddess, hear me as I stand before Thee. See me when I reach toward heaven, when my arms reach upward toward Thee. When the Full Moon shines upon me, give me Thy blessings, O Diana. Teach me of Thine ancient mysteries, ancient rites of invocation that the Holy Strega spoke of, for I believe the Strega's story: when she spoke of Thy shining glory, when she told us to entreat Thee, told us when we seek for knowledge to seek and find Thee above all others. Give us wisdom, O Diana: how to bind our oppressors, how to cure the sick among us. Teach me, O Diana. Give me Thy blessings, O Great Moon Goddess. Shield me from my oppressors. Receive me as your daughter, Diana. Receive me, though I am earth-bound. Grant me ancient Wiccan knowledge. When my body lies resting nightly, speak unto my inner spirit; teach me all Thy holy mysteries. I believe Thine ancient promise, Thy promise unto the ancient Wicca that we who seek Thy holy presence will receive Thy Wisdom. Now the Full Moon shines upon me. Hear me! I stand before Thee! Grant me wisdom! O Diana! Shield me from my oppressors! Teach me Thine holy mysteries! I sing Thy praises unto the heavens. Let Thy glory shine about me. Bless us, O gracious Queen of Heaven. Descend Thou among us; Descend and conquer, Gracious Goddess.

Taken from The Witches Workbook: The Magick Grimoire of Lady Sheba, by Jessie Wicker Bell, pub. Kensington Pub. Co., 1975

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