Learning How to read the tarot - reading tarot cards


Who is this guy DragonOak?

DragonOak currently holds a Bachelor of Science in Education. DragonOak graduated from Southwest Missouri State University (now named Missouri University May of 1992. Based on DragonOak's education and experience DragonOak is qualified to obtain a certification to teach grades 7 through 12 in the state of Missouri. His areas of collegiate study include; History, Psychology, Business, and Religion.

DragonOak has over 20 years of experience reading the tarot cards and study of the symbology behind the tarot cards. DragonOak has read the tarot cards for others and takes an interest on reading the tarot cards for himself as a general day to day guide.

DragonOak is of course the wood crafter of the fine pagan products on dragonoak.com, he also operated a metaphysical store for five years before starting his wood shop.

What is Tarot?

Consider the history of the tarot cards, for a little bit of background on reading the tarot cards. Tarot cards were first recorded in history at 1332 AD as being outlawed in Europe for political and religious reasons. The very playing cards used today are based upon the tarot cards of old, by making them into playing games the mediums of tarot cards circumvented the laws of the dark ages. And of course everyone is familiar with the legends and long use of the tarot cards by the Gypsy culture.

The reason the tarot was a popular medium for telling the future was because of the high illiteracy count during the dark ages. Visualization of symbols was a much better method of telling the message of reading the tarot cards, then attempting to memorize the literate symbols.

The study and methods of reading the tarot cards have been noted subject of studies by the psychologist Carl jung, Arthur Waite noted occultist, and Aleister Crowley noted occultist.

Tarot reading is classified as a method of divination (foretelling the future) as is Runes, Crystal Balls, Palm Reading, etc. But the phenomena of reading the tarot cards is more widely known thanks to Hollywood's portrayal of the Tarot in many movies.

There are many types of tarot decks and many different styles that still hold the same suits and names as the original. Of the many different tarot cards the Rider/Waite deck is known as the traditional deck. Yet remember find a deck that suits your needs and style, just use the symbolism of the Rider/Waite desk as a guide to learning more about the tarot.

Anglo Celtic Goddess Tarot Box
Anglo Celtic Goddess


III.   How does Tarot work?

A.  Psychological connection.

            1.  Our brain is able to recall more than we give it credit for.

            2.  Subconsciously we know where the cards lay.

B.  The symbolism of the Tarot

            1.  Pictures

            2.  Colors

            3.  Numbers

C.  Interaction with the Spirit Guides.

            1.  Ability to influence how the cards are picked.

            2.  Precautions should be taken.

D.  Practicing with the Cards.

E.  Adequate preparation is extremely important.

F.  A word on the mislead ideal of destiny.

IV.  Do I need to be psychic to use the Tarot?

A.  We all are psychic on one level or another.

B.  Proper preparation will lead to eventual and continual success.

C.  Practice makes perfect.

V.     How do I prepare for using the Tarot?

A.  Finding a regular session of quiet time.

            1.  Learn to meditate.

            2.  Finding your safe place on the astral plane.

            3.  Let go of your problems.

            4.  Allow a minimum of 15 minutes a day at the same time.

B.  Keep a journal!!!!!!

C.  Protect the cards.  (Finding a home for the cards when not being used).

            1.  A wooden box has become tradition.

            2.  Covering in a cloth bag or scarf.

                        a.  Silk is the traditional method.

                        b.  Blue, Black, or Purple is the colors to keep them wrapped in.

D.  For the next two weeks you should carry the cards with you at all times.

E.  Traditionally you should sleep with the cards under your pillow.  This will help you develop a psychological connection with the cards.


F.  Finding a proper setting for reading the cards.


            1.  Find a place you will not be disturbed.


            2.  Additional Aids from tradition.


a.  Incense – Lavender, Camphor, Cinnamon, Frankincense, Peppermint, and/or Rose.


b.  Oils can be substituted.


c.  Herbs (more traditional) - Mugwort, Bay, and Lavender.


d.  Teas – Oolong or Chamomile.


e.  Crystals and/or Shiva Lingam Stones.


f.  Gemstones – Moonstone, Rose Quartz, Tiger Eye, Amethyst.


            G.  Watch the Moon Cycles and keep a record.


1.  Reading is better during the waxing phase of the moon.


2.  Especially powerful during a full moon.


            H.  Do not let others touch your cards unless you are reading for them.


VI.  How do I develop a connection with the Tarot?

A.  Prepare by utilizing the steps above.

B.  Give yourself time to become aware of your connection.

VII.            How do spirit guides help with reading the Tarot?

A.  Your Guide may be an angel, another on the other side, a family member who is passed on the other side, God, etc.


B.  Guides will teach you to be attuned to the vibrations of the universe where all is known.


C.  Guides can allow us to see forward or back into the river of time.


VIII.         Practicing with the Tarot?

A.  Practice, Practice, Practice.

B.  Keep a journal.

            1.  Write down the event you are or another is asking about.

            2.  Write down the cards and the position drawn.

            3.  Write down your interpretations.

            4.  Write down the results after the event.

            5.  In the beginning I recommend a four-card spread.

a.  Four cards in a row represent Past, Present, Immediate Future, and Likely Outcome.


b.  It is permissible to draw a clarification card for each card the you do not understand.


c.  Keep it simple at this time, do not reverse the cards at this time.


IX.  What is Tarot Symbolism?

A.  Pictures

            1.  A picture is worth a thousand words.

            2.  Pictures tell a story in the scene.

3.  Take time over the next two weeks to review each card and write down what you see.


4.  Examples of Pictures in the Tarot.


            a.  Clouds – Lack of clarity


            b.  Mountains – Obstacles to overcome.


            c.  Rays of Light – Awareness and revelation.


            d.  Columns – Stability.


            e.  Animals – Instinct


            B.  Colors of the Tarot.


                        1.  Black – Negativity, endings, sin.


                        2.  Blue – Idealism, emotion, intuition.


                        3.  Gold – Success, radiance, enlightenment.


                        4.  Gray – Sadness, grief, obscurity, learning through experience.


                        5.  Green – New life, hope, abundance, health.


                        6.  Orange – Ambition, pride, vitality, action.


                        7.  Purple – Power, justice, the color of Royalty.


                        8.  Red – Life, force, sex, passion.


                        9.  Silver – Mystery, psychic abilities, intuition, emotion.


                        10.  White – Purity, illumination, truth, joy.


                        11.  Yellow – Intellect, caution, the will, illumination.


            C.  Numbers of the Tarot.


Each has a positive and negative meaning, for this experience we will focus on the positive.


                        1 – Creation, beginning, invention, independence.


                        2 – Waiting, balance, agreement, insight.


                        3 – Communication, feeling, playing, love.


                        4 – Working, building, planning.


                        5 – New thinking, new opportunity, attraction.


                        6 – Harmony, balance, responsibility.


                        7 – Knowledge, wisdom, faith.


                        8 – Success, recognition, accomplishment.


                        9 – Fulfillment, idealism, inspiration.


                        10 – Completion.


X.     Typical encounters when reading the Tarot.

A.  Types of people you will read for.

            1.  Skeptic.

            2. Suggestible.

            3.  Argumentative.

            4.  Open to new ideas.

5.  Reading for yourself is not so easy.  Recommend working with a partner.


B.  Is the read of the Tarot set in stone?

            1.  Destiny is an illusion.

            2.  We control our own futures.

C.  Reasons for misread.

            1.  You have not properly prepared.

            2.  You are not in tune.

            3.  The person you are reading for did not properly focus on the question.

            4.  You are to emotionally involved with the client or the question.

            5.  The question has struck a personal nerve.

            6.  There is discord between you and the client.

D.  Ethics of reading.

1.  The talent of reading is brought forth so that we may properly warn or prepare others.


2.  Danger in telling people what they want to hear.

E.  Can you charge for a reading?

1.  Gypsy tradition says that silver must cross the hands of the reader before they can read.


                        2.  Preference is to barter.


                        3. Keep greed in check, it will come to haunt you.


            F.  Can you ask the person leading questions?


                        1.  This will aid you in finding the proper interpretation of the card.


                        2.  Each card can have several meanings.


XI.  Review and assignment for next session.

A.  Find a quiet place.

B.  Learn to meditate.

C.  Take the time to review the pictures, colors, and numbers of each card.

D.  Utilize aids.

            1.  Scents.

            2.  Crystals,

            3.  Gemstones.

E.  Find a proper home for your cards.

F.  For the next two weeks, sleep with the cards under your pillow.

G.  Note the moon cycle during your reads.

H.  Allow no one to casually touch your cards, treat them with respect.

I.  Keep a journal.

J.  Limit your initial reads to four card spreads with all cards upright.

Major Arcana


I.         Since the last class, can anyone share any experiences from the preparation steps that were given?


A.  There are no right or wrong answers.

                B.  By sharing it will enable all of us to learn from one another.

II.       Class 2 Format?

A.  This, and the next two classes will be more on a discussion basis.

B.  Outline is a guide but we will see it has basic meanings.


C.  Input is requested from all participants that feel they have something to share.


D.  Others perceptions of the Major Arcana can help us in our quest to understand the Tarot.


III.     What is the Major Arcana?

A.  These cards correspond to major events.

B.  They can also correspond to influential people.

C.  The Major Arcana is set up in much the same manner as we experience our own adventure in life.  Beginning with the Fool in our own child like actions, to summing it up with the World in the process of our own enlightenment.


IV.     Step by step through the Major Arcana.

0 –10 Are cards that deal with a more physical existence.

Reversed meanings will be marked as opposite or lessor, lessor meaning often refer to delays, more difficulties than expected, or a lesson that needs to be worked on.


A.  0 The Fool

                                1.  Central Color:  Yellow = Caution


                2.  Other Important Colors:  White = Purity and Joy, Blue = Idealism

3.  Numerology: 0 Technically this card has a meaning of its own, it does correspond with Number 1 in numerology.  1 = Beginning and New Creation.


                4.  Picture Symbolisms:  Mountains = Obstacles, Youth = Naive ness

                5.  Potential People:  A child (or baby), fool, the eccentric.

                6.  Potential Meaning Keywords:  The beginning of a journey

                7.  Reversed = Lessor

B.  1 The Magician

                1.  Central Color:  Yellow = Intellect, The Will, Illumination.

2.  Other Important Colors: Red = Life, Orange = Ambition and Action, White = Truth


                3.  Numerology: 1 = Beginning, Invention

4.  Picture Symbolisms:  Crown = Mastery, Lily = Purity, Leaves = Vitality


                5.  Potential People: Son, brother, teacher, guide.

                6.  Potential Meaning Keywords:  Mastery of special knowledge.

                7.  Reversed = Opposite

C.  2 The High Priestess

                1.  Central Color:  Blue = Intuition

2.  Other Important Colors:  Yellow = Illumination Black & White = Balance


                3.  Numerology: 2 = Insight

4.  Picture Symbolisms:  Scroll = Hidden Mysteries, Moon = Emotions, Intuition


                5.  Potential People:  Daughter, sister, single women, psychics.

                6.  Potential Meaning Keywords:  Intuitive awareness.

                7.  Reversed = Opposite

D.  3 The Empress

                1.  Central Color:  Yellow = The Will

2.  Other Important Colors:  Red = Passion, Orange = Vitality, Green = Life Force.


                3.  Numerology: 3 = Love and/or Feeling

4.  Picture Symbolisms: Heart & Sign of Venus = Divine Love, Leaves = Vitality, Crown = Mastery, Bounty from the earth, Scepter = Authority


                5.  Potential People: Mother, wife, pregnant women.

                6.  Potential Meaning Keywords:  Mother, abundance, healing.

                7.  Reversed = Opposite

E.  4 The Emperor

                1.  Central Color: Orange = Ambition

2.  Other Important Colors: Red = Passion, Gray = Learning through experience.


                3.  Numerology: 4 = Working and/or building.

4.  Picture Symbolisms:  Scepter = Authority, Crown = Mastery, Ram’s Heads = Action


                5.  Potential People:  Father, husband, employer, businessperson.

                6.  Potential Meaning Keywords:  Order, control, power.

                7.  7.  Reversed = Opposite

F.  5 The Hierophant

                1.  Central Color:  Yellow = The Intellect

                2.  Other Important Colors:  Red = Passion, Gray = Obscurity.

                3.  Numerology: 5 = New thinking (in a conventional manner)

4.  Picture Symbolisms: Scepter = Authority, Crown = Mastery, Keys = Wisdom.


                5.  Potential People:  Clergy, Conservative educators, Spiritual leaders.

                6.  Potential Meaning Keywords:  Tradition, conventional.

                7.  Reversed = Opposite

G.  6 The Lovers

                1.  Central Color:  Yellow = Illumination

                2.  Other Important Colors:  Red = passion and/or sex, Blue = emotion,

                3.  Numerology: 6 = Balance!!!!

4.  Picture Symbolisms:  Tree of Life and the Tree of Knowledge = the everlasting story of choices that we make.


                5.  Potential People:  Lovers, partners, good friends.

                6.  Potential Meaning Keywords:  Choice.

                7.  Reversed = Oppoite

H.  7 The Chariot

                1.  Central Color:  Yellow = Illumination

2.  Other Important Colors:  Black and White = Balance of two opposing forces, Blue = Idealism, Grey = Obscurity.


                3.  Numerology:  7 = Wisdom and/or faith.

4.  Picture Symbolisms:  Crown = Mastery, Sphinx = Mystery of Life, Wings = Travel


                5.  Potential People:  Travelers, Military personnel.

                6.  Potential Meaning Keywords:  Progress through balancing opposing forces.


                7.  Reversed = Opposite


I.  8 Strength

                1.  Central Color:  Yellow = Illumination

2.  Other Important Colors:  Orange = Pride, White = Purity, Green = New Life


                3.  Numerology:  8 = Accomplishment.

4.  Picture Symbolisms:  Feline = Intuition, Psychic Awareness, Crown = Mastery


                5.  Potential People:  Athletes, strong willed, Arbitrators.


6.  Potential Meaning Keywords:  Moral force

7.  Reversed = Opposite

J.  9 The Hermit     

1.  Central Color:  Blue = Intuition through introspection

2.  Other Important Colors:  Silver = Psychic awareness, Yellow = Illumination, White = Truth


                3.  Numerology: 9 = Inspiration

                4.  Picture Symbolisms:  Lantern = Guidance,

                5.  Potential People: Wise people, hermits, thinkers.

                6.  Potential Meaning Keywords:  Searching within

                7.  Reversed = Opposite

K. 10 The Wheel of Fortune

                1.  Central Color:  Orange = Action

                2.  Other Important Colors:  Balance of colors is important here.

                3.  Numerology:  10 = Completion

4.  Picture Symbolisms:  Wings = Messages of good news, Snake = Wisdom, Anubis = represents the mind


                5.  Potential People:  Lucky People

                6.  Potential Meaning Keywords:  A change for the better.

                7.  Reversed = Opposite

Cards 11-22 Are cards of higher thought.

L. 11  Justice

                1.  Central Color:  Red = Life (Justice)

                2.  Other Important Colors:  Yellow = Illumination, Blue = Idealism

                3.  Numerology: (1 + 1) 2 = Balance and agreement.

                4.  Picture Symbolisms:  Scales = Balanced awareness, Crown = Mastery

                5.  Potential People:  Lawyers, Judges, Legal authorities.

                6.  Potential Meaning Keywords:  Being Judged, a fair outcome.

                7.  Reversed = Opposite

M. 12 The Hanged Man

                1.  Central Color:  Yellow = Illumination

                2.  Other Important Colors:  Blue = Idealism, Red = Life, Green = Hope

                3.  Numerology:  (1 +2) 3 =  Communication, new awareness.

                4.  Picture Symbolisms:  Bound = Self-imposed restriction

                5.  Potential People:  Those who dare to be different.

                6.  Potential Meaning Keywords:  Suspension, new awareness.

                7.  Reversed = Lessor

N.  13 Death

                1.  Central Color:  Black = negativity

2.  Other Important Colors:  Blue = Idealism, White = Purity, Yellow = Illumination


                3.  Numerology: (1 + 3)  4 = Planning

4.  Picture Symbolisms:  Horse = Action with great agility, Flag = Freedom from the material world,


                5.  Potential People:  Agents of change, undertakers.

                6.  Potential Meaning Keywords:  Major transformation through ending

                7.  Reversed = Opposite

O.  14 Temperance

                1.  Central Color:  White = Purity

                2.  Other Important Colors:  Balance of colors important here.

                3.  Numerology:  (1 + 4) 5 = New thinking

                4.  Picture Symbolisms:  Stream = Flow of life, Scales = balance,

                5.  Potential People:  Healers, protectors, managers.

                6.  Potential Meaning Keywords:  Patience and Self-restraint.

                7.  Reversed = Opposite

P.  15 The Devil

                1.  Central Color:  Black = Negativity and/or sin

                2.  Other Important Colors:  Orange = Pride, Red = Sex without love.

                3.  Numerology:  (1 +5) 6 = Responsibility

                4.  Picture Symbolisms:  Fire = Spirit, Bound = Self-imposed restriction

                5.  Potential People:  Greedy people, criminals, destructive people.

                6.  Potential Meaning Keywords:  Bondage, self imposed limitations.

                7.  Reversed = Opposite

Q.  16 The Tower

                1.  Central Color:  Black = Endings

2.  Other Important Colors:  Gray = Obscurity, Yellow = Illumination through sudden change


                3.  Numerology:  (1 + 6) 7 = Wisdom through experience

                4.  Picture Symbolisms:  Sudden Change

                5.  Potential People:  Aggressive people, those that disrupt.

                6.  Potential Meaning Keywords:  Sudden change

                7.  Reversed = Lessor

R.  17 The Star

                1.  Central Color:  Green = New life.

                2.  Other Important Colors:  Blue = Intuition and hope

                3.  Numerology:  (1 + 7) 8 = Recognition, success

                4.  Picture Symbolisms:  Star = Luck, Balance and Peace

                5.  Potential People:  Young women, female child, astrologers.

                6.  Potential Meaning Keywords:  Hope

                7.  Reversed = Opposite

S.  18 The Moon

                1.  Central Color:  Blue = Emotion

                2.  Other Important Colors:  Yellow = Illumination

                3.  Numerology: (1 + 8) 9 = Inspiration

                4.  Picture Symbolisms:  Moon = Emotions, Intuition,

                5.  Potential People:  Women, psychics, artists.

                6.  Potential Meaning Keywords:  Deep instinctual forces.

                7.  Reversed = Opposite = Imagination

T.  19 The Sun

                1.  Central Color:  Yellow = The will

                2.  Other Important Colors:  Balance of colors.

                3.  Numerology: (1 + 9) 10 = Success, Fulfillment

4.  Picture Symbolisms:  Horse = Action with great agility, Flag = Freedom from the material world


                5.  Potential People:  Fathers, Inventors, Scientists.

                6.  Potential Meaning Keywords:  Success, Fulfillment

                7.  Reversed = Lessor

U.  20 Judgment

                1.  Central Color:  Silver = Intuition, mystery

                2.  Other Important Colors:  Balance of colors

                3.  Numerology:  (2 + 0) = Balance and insight.

4.  Picture Symbolisms: Flag = Freedom from the material world, Cross = Union of God and Earth


                5.  Potential People:  Judges, executioners.

                6.  Potential Meaning Keywords:  Summing up, rebirth

                7.  Reversed = Opposite


V.  21 The World

                1.  Central Color:  The balance of colors

                2.  Other Important Colors: see above

                3.  Numerology: (2 + 1)  3 = Love, playing

                4.  Picture Symbolisms: Circle = Completeness,

                5.  Potential People:  Winners, achievers, reaching your goal.

                6.  Potential Meaning Keywords:  Fulfillment, attainment.

                7.  Reversed = Lessor

V.  For next class separate the Wands and Swords and have them in order.



Minor Arcana


I.         What is the Minor Arcana?


A.  The Minor Arcana deals with life events and the conditions those events proceed.


B.  As is congruence with other “occult” studies, the Minor Arcana is based on the ideal of four basic elements.


            1.  Air = Swords = Mental activity and decision making process, the mind,

logic, reasoning.


2.  Fire = Wands = Enterprise and application of our free will, ambition, and career.


3.  Water = Cups = Emotions, feelings, joy, artistic talents.


4.  Earth = Pentacles = Material world, finances, shelter, clothing, even our bills.



            C.  Playing Cards correspond to the Minor Arcana.


                        1.  Swords = Spades


                        2.  Wands = Clubs


                        3.  Cups = Hearts


                        4.  Pentacles = Diamonds

II.     Swords = Air = Intellect

A.  Ace of Swords

            1.  Keywords =  The power of your mind

            2. Season =  Summer

3.  Example =  One may come up with a new idea that will succeed.


4.  Picture = Sword of action rises from the clouds with the crown of authority.


5.  Reversed = Opposite, new action is forceful


B.  2 of Swords


            1.  Keywords = Indecision


2.  Example = One must make a decision between two choices, one or the other, but not both.


3.  Picture =  Blind folded women holds two swords but not sure which to choose.  The jagged rocks, turning her back to the water, and the moon represent the instability around her.


4.  Reversed =  Lessor, decision has been made


            C.  3 of Swords.


            1.  Keywords = Heartache and/or disappointment.


2.  Example = One may have recently or in the future experience a loss.


3.  Picture =  Three swords piercing the heart.


4.  Reversed =  Lessor


D.  4 of Swords


            1.  Keywords = Rest


2.  Example = One may need a mental break or a vacation,


3.  Picture = the knight rests on his bed as his swords hang nearby.


4.  Reversed = Opposite, ready for action


E.  5 of Swords


            1.  Keywords = Empty Victory


2.  Example = One may show lack of concern for others.  Legal problems can be shown in this card.


3.  Picture =  A victor of battle holds three swords and two lie on the ground, but what has he really gained.


4.  Reversed = Lessor


            F.  6 of Swords


            1.  Keywords = Leaving your troubles behind.


2.  Example = One will soon see the end to a troubled or painful situation.  Travel by water can be indicated here.


3.  Picture = A sad woman and child travel to the other shore in search of better things.


4.  Reversed = Lessor, postponement


            G.  7 of Swords


            1.  Keywords = Sneaky


2.  Example = There may be a cloak of deception from others or from the one the read is for.


                        3.  Picture = A thief sneaks away with five of the seven swords.


                        4.  Reversed = Opposite, deception revealed


            H.  8 of Swords


            1.  Keywords = Restriction


            2.  Example = One may be involved in an oppressive situation.


3.  Picture = A woman is bound in a marsh away from the environment she feels safe in.


4.  Reversed = Opposite, restriction removed


            I.  9 of Swords


            1.  Keywords = Nightmare card


2.  Example = Troubled sleep, depression, confusion may be plaguing the one you are reading for, based on the dilemmas we put ourselves through.


                        3.  Picture = We see a woman in the night crying in her bed.


                        4.  Reversed = Lessor, time will heal


            J.  10 of Swords


            1.  Keywords = The end of a cycle.


2.  Example = An end to a situation approaches that won’t be missed.  A deep sense of loss will be experienced.


                        3.  Picture = A warrior is defeated with all ten swords in his back.


                        4.  Reversed = Lessor, with improvement


            K.  Page of Swords


            1.  Keywords = Unexpected or upsetting news.


            2.  Example = For me it tends to be getting bills in the mail :)


3.  Picture = The young page is holding a sword and vigilant to deliver the news he is carrying.


4.  Reversed = Opposite, better news


            L.  Knight of Swords


            1.  Keywords = Rapid and sometimes violent change.


            2.  Example = One may be in the process of a radical change of self.


                        3.  Picture =  The knight valiantly rides with sword in hand during battle.


                        4.  Reversed = More emphasis on change


            M.  Queen of Swords


            1.  Keywords =  Intelligence and analytical


2.  Example = This can indicate the need for one to make a rational and logical decision before acting.


3.  Picture = The Queen sits on her throne with sword high and hand out, prepared to make a decision.


                        4.  Signs and Gender =  Gemini, Libra, or Aquarian, and female


                        5.  Reversed = Opposite


            N.  King of Swords


            1.  Keywords = Command


2.  Example = One may need to take control of a situation in order to resolve it.


3.  Picture = The king is seated on his throne with clouds and cypress trees in the background.


                        4.  Sign and Gender =  Gemini, Libra, or Aquarian, and male.


                        5.  Reversed = Opposite



A.  Ace of Wands

            1.  Keywords =  New ventures.

            2. Season =  Spring

3.  Example =  Often this indicates one is starting a new business or venture.

4.  Picture = The hand of God comes out of the clouds with a flowering wand.


5.  Reversed = Opposite, false start


B.  2 of Wands


            1.  Keywords = A period of waiting.


2.  Example = One may need to wait before proceeding until the right timing, and yes this card may mean patience.


3.  Picture =  The man holds the wand and the world in his other hand as he reflects upon the decisions he has made.


4.  Reversed = Lessor, no movement towards goals.


            C.  3 of Wands


            1.  Keywords = Cooperation and initial success.


            2.  Example = One now turns to taking action for future returns.


                        3.  Picture = A man observes the merchant ships leaving port.


                        4.  Reversed =  Lessor, wasted energy


D.  4 of Wands


            1.  Keywords = Celebration


2.  Example = One may find that they can finally, or will soon, see the returns on their efforts in a business or venture.


                        3.  Picture = Many gather to celebrate the bounty of their hard work.


                        4.  Reversed = Lessor, still good


            E.  5 of Wands


            1.  Keywords = Struggle or competition


2.  Example = Several partners may begin to argue.  Legal issues can be seen here too.


3.  Picture = Five men battle with one another, while not with swords it tends to be viewed as a temporary battle much like chickens in the chicken yard.


4.  Reversed = Lessor, harmony coming


            F.  6 of Wands


            1.  Keywords = Success, victory


2.  Example = One will win a court battle.  One may win the job promotion they were up for.


                        3.  Picture = A lone rider comes home to a celebration of his success.


                        4.  Reversed = Opposite, standstill


            G.  7 of Wands


            1.  Keywords = Defense


2.  Example = One will find it necessary to defend their position is court, at work, etc.


3.  Picture = A lone figure holds a wand in defensive position as 6 other wands rise in the foreground.


4.  Reversed = Opposite, threats fall away


            H.  8 of Wands


            1.  Keywords = Growth


2.  Example = Another period of waiting as the time will come soon that your efforts are currently in a state of growth.


                        3.  Picture = 8 wands sprout new life.


                        4.  Reversed = Opposite, growth is waning


            I.  9 of Wands


            1.  Keywords = Fortitude


2.  Example = It is time for a person to solidify and strengthen their position.


3.  Picture =  A lone figure stands behind the fort of wands prepared to protect.


4.  Reversed = Lessor, lack of stamina


            J.  10 of Wands


            1.  Keywords = Burdens of success


2.  Example = One may find themselves divided by the many responsibilities of parenthood, business, school, etc.  Kind of, you asked for it you got it.


3.  Picture =  A lone figure carries ten wands that has become both mentally and physically burdening.


4.  Reversed = Opposite, burdens released


            K.  Page of Wands


            1.  Keywords = Good news


            2.  Example = One may receive news of a job promotion.


3.  Picture =  The young page is next to three pyramids that represent mind, body, and spirit reading the message he has just received.


            4.  Reversed = Lessor, delay in message received.


            L.  Knight of Wands


            1.  Keywords = Growth and creative energy is in the air.


2.  Example = Much energy is at the persons disposal and should be used for success.


                        3.  Picture =  The knight rides the gallant horse of on his own journey.


                        4.  Reversed = Opposite, chaos


            M.  Queen of Wands


            1.  Keywords = Determined, outgoing, career ambition.


2.  Example = This may represent a woman who has successfully balanced career and home.


3.  Picture =  The Queen sits on her throne as the black cat represents her cat like determination and her intuition.


                        4.  Signs and Gender =  Aries, Leo, Sagittarius and female.


                        5.  Reversed = Opposite


            N.  King of Wands


            1.  Keywords = Leadership


2.  Example = It may be telling the person it is time to take the role and the independent leader they really are.


3.  Picture =  A king robed with lions and salamander decorations, that shows his pride and determination to follow through from beginning to end.


                        4.  Sign and Gender = Aries, Leo, Sagittarius and male.


                        5.  Reversed = Opposite



I.         What is the Minor Arcana?


A.  The Minor Arcana deals with life events and the conditions those events proceed.


B.  As is congruence with other “occult” studies, the Minor Arcana is based on the ideal of four basic elements.


            1.  Air = Swords = Mental activity and decision making process, the mind,

logic, reasoning.


2.  Fire = Wands = Enterprise and application of our free will, ambition, and career.


3.  Water = Cups = Emotions, feelings, joy, artistic talents.


4.  Earth = Pentacles = Material world, finances, shelter, clothing, even our bills.




II.     Cups = Water = Emotion

A.  Ace of Cups

            1.  Keywords =  Stirrings of the heart

            2. Season =  Summer

3.  Example =  Joy, happiness, and good health to come.  Could direct to the conception of a child.  New spiritual awareness is on the horizon.


4.  Picture = The hand of God rises the cup from the water.  The cup overflows and the sign of God brought by the Holy Spirit (dove) to give more abundance to the cup.


B.  2 of Cups


            1.  Keywords = Friendship/Mutuality


2.  Example = The card can be indicating the best of friendships and/or relationships.  This could also predict a letter, gift, or happy event on the horizon.


3.  Picture =  A couple has meet and share the cups representing their emotions.  The serpents twined around the staff represent the balance of male and female energies.  The winged lion represents balance between spiritual and earthly love.


            C.  3 of Cups.


            1.  Keywords = Celebration.


2.  Example = This is time to celebrate and enjoy the rewards of your work.  Maybe one has been invited to a party.


3.  Picture =  Three women hold their cups up high as the harvest has been brought in.










D.  4 of Cups


            1.  Keywords = Discontent


2.  Example = The person may be feeling introverted and like nobody cares.


3.  Picture =  A pouting male sits as a fourth cup is offered to him without taking what is being offered.


            E.  5 of Cups


            1.  Keywords = Emotional Loss


2.  Example = The end of a relationship, a friend moving away, even the disappointment of the loss of something personal.


3.  Picture =  A dark cloaked figured looks down as three cups a tipped spilling the wine of life.


            F.  6 of Cups


            1.  Keywords = Good Memories


2.  Example = One may be spending time reflecting on the past.  It could mean a visit from someone from that past.  It could also indicate the children.  This card often indicates things from the past.


3.  Picture = A little boy gives a cup of flowers to a little girl.


            G.  7 of Cups


            1.  Keywords = Daydreaming


2.  Example = This can indicate that a person is spending too much time fantasizing and not enough time taking action.


3.  Picture = A man has seven cups before him and cannot make a choice.  Notice the cups are in the clouds.








            H.  8 of Cups


            1.  Keywords = Moving on


2.  Example = The cards usually indicate the need to move on to something different.


3.  Picture = A man is leaving after neatly stacking the cups.


            I.  9 of Cups


            1.  Keywords = Wishes fulfilled


2.  Example = The person will get their wish granted.


3.  Picture = A well satisfied man sits before his cups as they are fashioned along the wall.


            J.  10 of Cups


            1.  Keywords = Joy and Success.


2.  Example = Your home is in order, the family is getting along, and you are happy with your life at this point.  This card can indicate the purchase of a new home, bringing home a new baby, or even that everything is working better than you had planned.


                        3.  Picture = A family looks up at the ten cups fashioned as a rainbow.


            K.  Page of Cups


            1.  Keywords = Message of Love.


2.  Example = This can indicate messages from loved ones.  Also messages that bring joy, love, happiness, and an omen that life is changing for the better.  Often is seen to indicate a message of the birth of a child or even a wedding.


3.  Picture = The young page is holding a cup outward as the mischievous fish, a symbol of emotions and imagination peeks out.







            L.  Knight of Cups


            1.  Keywords = The Romantic Dreamer.


2.  Example = This card will often represent young romantic men.  Often this card can herald an invitation or proposal of an emotional nature.


                        3.  Picture =  The white knight that comes to save the day.


            M.  Queen of Cups


            1.  Keywords =  A caring woman


2.  Example = This is a woman that devotes herself to matters of the heart.  She is well balanced and nurturing.


3.  Picture = The Queen sits on her throne on the beach surrounded by beauty and love.


                        4.  Signs and Gender =  Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces and female.


            N.  King of Cups


            1.  Keywords = A leader from the heart.


2.  Example = A calm compassionate man that serves as well as leads.


3.  Picture = The king is seated on his throne over the ocean as dolphins play and ships are anchored, he has dominion over the sea.


                        4.  Sign and Gender = Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces and male.


III.     Pentacles = Earth = Material matters


A.  Ace of Pentacles

            1.  Keywords =  A fresh and strong financial start.

            2. Season =  Winter

3.  Example =  The beginnings of wealth, prosperity, and new business.  It can also represent an award or other type of gift.


4.  Picture = The hand of God comes out of the clouds with a shiny new pentacle and below is a tidy garden with an arched entrance.



B.  2 of Pentacles


            1.  Keywords = Juggling Finances, a small profit.


2.  Example = The ability to handle several conditions at once.  Beware of starting new projects.  Advice is on the way.


3.  Picture =  The juggler is balancing the Pentacles while walking the wire.


            C.  3 of Pentacles


            1.  Keywords = Recognition for your skills


2.  Example = Bosses will recognize your work, pay raises can be seen, or you may be accepted for your trades.


3.  Picture = A skilled sculptor receives acceptance for his work from a monk and a nun.


D.  4 of Pentacles.


            1.  Keywords = Firm Foundation


2.  Example = Good judgment in money matters that will bring profit.


3.  Picture = The merchant is holding tightly to his earnings, yet they are the foundation of his progress.


            E.  5 of Pentacles


            1.  Keywords = Poverty


2.  Example = Tough times ahead.


3.  Picture = Homeless people in from of a church window.


            F.  6 of Pentalces


            1.  Keywords = A bonus


2.  Example = Working well with others, a raise, a promotion, or even profit sharing opportunity.


                        3.  Picture = Two people are offered help and extra money.


            G.  7 of Pentacles


            1.  Keywords = Slow and steady growth


2.  Example = Your work will pay off with time and patience.


3.  Picture = A farmer watches as his crops come to bear.


            H.  8 of Wands


            1.  Keywords = Work and productivity


2.  Example = You are focused on your objective and productive in your goals.  Continuation of your skill is indicated here.


3.  Picture = The craftsman is busy working on the eighth pentacle after completing seven.


            I.  9 of Pentacles.


            1.  Keywords = Stability


2.  Example = Finances are stable and you have time to enjoy your rewards.  Also gardening skills and a connection with the earth can be indicated here.


3.  Picture =  A woman enjoys the garden surrounded by rich surroundings. 


            J.  10 of Pentacles.


            1.  Keywords = Success


2.  Example = Wealth has been reached.  It may be time to consider a large purchase like a home or a car.


3.  Picture =  A stable family enjoying the best that material wealth has to offer.








            K.  Page of Pentacles


            1.  Keywords = Message of hope and luck in the material world.


            2.  Example = Check in the mail?


3.  Picture =  The young page is studying the pentacle before him.


            L.  Knight of Pentacles


            1.  Keywords = Financial change.


2.  Example = The knight can signify that a deal or contract will be agreed upon.


3.  Picture =  The knight holds the pentacle in earnest effort to deliver it as promised.


            M.  Queen of Pentacles.


            1.  Keywords = Practical manager.


2.  Example = This may represent a woman who is good at business and not afraid of hard work.


3.  Picture =  The Queen sits on her throne covered with nature and animal symbols.


                        4.  Signs and Gender =  Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn and female.


            N.  King of Pentacles


            1.  Keywords = Prosperous leader.


2.  Example = A male can enter our lives with strong financial advice.


3.  Picture =  A king robed with the best of linens, and signified with the bulls head as his home and garden is behind him.


                        4.  Sign and Gender = Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn and male.





I.        What a layout?


A.  Layouts come in many styles.


1.  Simple spreads of three and four cards give us basic information about the question.


2.  Astrological spreads can cover a whole year or give a more complete answer to the question based on house systems (come to next Sunday’s astrology class for an explanation of house systems).


3.  Celtic cross is the most used spread.  Chart on the back of this lesson is a Celtic cross spread.  If the most common and most used, no need to fix it if it is not broken.


            B.  Design your own spread.


                        1.  If you feel more comfortable using a spread of your own making use it!


                        2.  Just understand the position definitions before you start. 


            C.  Working with a layout.


                        1.  Each position defines a specific area.


2.  The card should be read within the context of the area the said card is trying to define.



II.     Celtic Cross Spread

A.  There are several variations of the layout, the one used for this class I have personally found more effective.


            1.  Debate of the significator card.


a.  Many will use what is called a significator card.  This will be a court card that fits either the zodiac or description of the person being read for.


b.  Definitely use a significator card if the querant is on the phone or not present.


c.  When the querant is present I prefer to use a personal item of theirs in this position.  Something important of theirs, a ring, keys, wallet, etc.  This way their energies are present on the table.


            B.  Drawing the cards.


                        1.  Use the preparations as discussed in the first class.


2.  Have the querant focus on the question.  You need to work on clearing your mind so you are open for the meanings of the cards.


3.  While they are focusing on the question you or the querant can shuffle the cards.  I usually shuffle so that the querant is more focused on their question.  Keep the cards face down.


4.  Allow the querant to cut the deck in any fashion that they choose.


5.  Ask the querant to put the deck back in place.


6.  Now spread the cards out face down.


7.  Allow the querant to pick the cards one at a time explaining the meaning of each position.  If you prefer, ask the question from the reader after the cards have been laid down.


8.  The reader will then reveal each card one at a time, I prefer to wait to interpret the cards until all have been faced up.  This way the story has been revealed to me one piece at a time.


            C.  Card #1 = the cover card


                        1.  Place this card over the personal item laid on the table.


2.  This cards covers the querant.  Usually is directly relates to the question that is being asked. Use this card to define where the querant is at and what the substance of the question is.


3.  Example = the Lovers card can indicate a question about a relationship.


            D.  Card #2 = The Crossing card.


1.  This card is laid crossways from the cover card.  It is always read in an upright position meaning.


2.  This card tells us of forces that are working for or against the querant.  Usually this card tells of obstacles, obstructions, benefits, or even friends that are working for or against them.


3.  Example = the ten of Swords can indicate that the querant has taken on a defeatist attitude towards the question.


            E.  Card #3 = The Base card.


                        1.  This card is laid beneath the cover card.


2.  This card tells us the subconscious nature of the querant.  This is the foundation of the question and tells us why the question was asked in the first place.


3.  Example = The eight of Wands can indicate that the querant is actually seeking some kind of growth from this question.


            F.  Card #4 = The Behind card.


                        1.  This card is laid to the left of the cover card.


2.  This card tells us what is behind the querant.  Past influences that have led up to the question of the querant.  Note that these events indicated are moving away from the querant.


3.  Example = The three of Swords can indicate that sorrow has lead to this question and this is in the past, time for the querant to move away.


            G.  Card #5 = The Above card.


                        1.  This card is laid above the cover card.


2.  This card tells us what is above the querant.  Energies can be indicated here that are available to the querant.  This card tells us of the goals that the querant is striving for, what they are seeking to accomplish concerning the question.


3.  Example =  The strength card can indicate they are seeking a stronger position that will give them more courage.


            H.  Card #6 = The Immediate Future card.


                        1.  The card is place to the right of the cover card.


2.  Based on the current path of the querant this card tells us what to expect in the near future.  Influences that make themselves known, events that happen, even people that will affect the querant life.


3.  Example = the Death card can indicate an ending to the question in the near future.


            I.  Card #7 = The Self card


                        1.  This card is placed at the lower right of the Immediate Future card.


2.  This card tells us how the querant views themselves concerning the question.  The state-of-mind concerning the querant is to be explored with this card. 


3.  Example = Temperance will indicate that the querant is patient and will wait for the question to resolve itself.


            J.  Card #8 = The Environment Card.


                        1.  This card is placed above the Self card.


2.  This card indicates the nature of those around the querant concerning the question.  This will help us understand the physical reality that surrounds the querant concerning the question.


3.  Example = Queen of Cups can indicate that a water sign female is exerting some type of influence over the querants life.


            K.  Card #9 = the Hopes and Fears card


                        1.  This card is placed above the Environment card.


2.  This card will tell us what the querant hopes or fears about the question.  If indicated throughout the read, this can tell us to encourage the querant to continue or discontinue the course of action.  It can tell us whether those fears and hopes are substantiated or not.


3.  The Five of Pentacles can tell us that the querant fears losing material possessions and sustaining a loss.


            L.  Card #10 = The final outcome card.


                        1.  This card is place to the far right of the cards.


2.  Based on the current path of the current this card indicates what will be the likely outcome of the question.  Remember, I strongly encourage that destiny or fate is an illusion.  Paths that direct negative energies can be diverted.  Look for other indicators in the read to aid the querant is avoiding a destructive outcome.  And encourage your querant to continue the path for a positive outcome.  After you have given the information to the querant, it is up to them what they do.


3.  Example = the Ten of Pentacles will indicate success and material gain.


M.  Note = Court cards in the 2nd, 4th, 6th, and 8th positions usually indicate other people. 



            N.  Time for workshop.


                        1.  Split into two groups.


                        2.  Roland will read for the first volunteer.


                        3.  The group will work together to interpret the cards.


                        4.  Keep the questions as simple as possible.


3.  Volunteer note = In exchange for the read, you will read for the next volunteer.  If you choose not read the cards, please do not volunteer at this time.


6.  You are not being put on the spot, we are working together to interpret the cards.  There are no wrong or right answers.  Trust yourselves!!!!!!!!!




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