Higher Planes of Existence, The Akashic Fields, Akahsa

Science in today's world is somewhat a reNEWed style of thinking. Meaning that, thanks to 1500 years of society associating any thinking outside the box with being heretical, we now call that the Dark Ages, science is a phenomena that is at most 400 years old, at least this time around. Cultures, religions, and philosophies that existed outside that box of heresy tried for eons to teach man certain lessons about life around us.

One example of those aged teachings is the existence of aura's, the halos or light of the spirit around a person, was taught by many other cultures, about 30 years ago scientist "discovered" bioplasm and bio electricity. This is something spiritualist and pagans have been trying to teach mankind for ages, but scientist have now "discovered" it.

Granted science can be arrogant but on the other hand it has given us much. But taking credit for something that was discovered while others knew of its existence is much similar to the "discovery" of the new world (America's) while other people (Native Americans) were already living here.

While science just needs time to catch up, it is liable to make errors also. Thanks to science we have come to understand that space is dimensional. There is line, and width, and depth, and then there is time. Recently science is making claim to a new theory of a fourth dimension referred to as "braneworld". Braneworld is a place where dark matter, the missing substance of the universe exists. This theory states that many black holes are left over from the creation of the universe and it is possibly here that the dark matter exists. So this theory concludes a five dimensional space, but as with science, many groups have tried to convince these learned men that many dimensions exist. In time, and if science can keep to its oath of truth, it will learn that many dimensions exist.

If I draw a two-dimensional stick figure on a piece of paper, it is unaware of the third dimension of depth. It is oblivious to the existence of anything beyond its two dimensions. But depth and time do exist. And likewise, we of a 4 dimensional (theoretically now 5) world are oblivious to the existence beyond our own. But planes of awareness, complexity, ascension, and many others do exist beyond this plane.

One of those planes is the level of Akasha. A universal conscience that contains the collective awareness of all that is, all that has been, and all the will be. It is were great thinkers who seem to acquire knowledge before its time comes from. An example of this would be thinkers like Isaac Newton and Leonardo Di Vinci. Subconsciously these masters drew from the dimension of Akasha. They were men ahead of their time with knowledge beyond the current societal capacity. Some refer to these enlightened thinkers as Avatars, that also includes spiritual leaders like Jesus Christ and Buddha, and also societal leaders like Alexander the Great and Nelson Mandela.

These people ahead of their time, but with gifts of knowledge and awareness draw upon a greater sense of being, and in my opinion a higher dimension of transcendence. Many famous mystics, spiritualists, and channelers have accessed this dimension with great success for humanity. One of the most famous is Edgar Cayce and the records of his channeled messages from the Akashic source. Today more and more channels seem to be accessing this source and providing more and more growth for humanity, perhaps in preparation for a societal and evolutionary jump into the next phase of being.

Cross culture evidence of Akasha can be found in the following examples. Ancient Egyptian priests were trained in methods to access universal conscience (Akasha) and were the advisers of the Pharaoh. Many of the Hindu Veda’s written in Sanskrit, where the word Akasha originates from, were extracted from the plane of Akasha. Druids, spiritual, political, and wise leaders of Western Europe pre Rome, were astute students of the Akasha records. Even biblical reference to the Book of Life is said to be a reference to the Akashic records where all is known.

While many like to refer to Akasha as the place of records, where accountability is held to all, it is more than just the collective conscience. It is the next state of being. It is the transcendence of our sacred journey to the next stage of enlightenment. It is the path that we all will take, but we are just now coming to idiom of its existence. And it is one of many planes we will experience in our journey, as we have experienced many before.

Common methods of accessing Akasha, is seance, channeling, lucid dreaming, automatic writings, and astral projection. If you are fortunate enough to experience Akasha in your journeys in this realm, embrace it, but don't expect too much from yourself. This is a source of knowledge that some refer to as the mind of God, it has great depth, and can be overwhelming but never discomforting.

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