Ogham Sticks 25 piece set of the Celtic Oracle by DragonOak

Full set of 25 Ogham sticks a Celtic Oracle by DragonOak
This is a complete set of 25 Ogham stick on natural wood branches.

Branch Ogham Sticks

Each Ogham Sticks is individually burned
Each Set of Ogham sticks is hand burned by DragonOak with the authentic symbols of the ogham script.

Each branch is individually carved as shown so that the ogham symbol can be wood burned
Each branch of the Ogham sticks are given individual attention in the authentic Druid style of creating a divination set based on Ogham writing..

Each set of ogham sticks are hand crafted by DragonOak to provide a celtic oracle system that honors the tradition of the Celts. Each piece measures approximately 3 to 4 inches long and 3/8 to 3/4 inch thick.
The druids handed this divination and writing down to the Celts, a tribe throughout Europe including the Irish.
The ogham is also a system of writing for the language at the time. A linear script that is often used in the casting for divination purposes much like the runes.
There are 25 ogham symbols that are burned into each branch.
Often the design of the ogham is placed on stones also.
When consulting the ogham sticks for the purpose of guidance or fortune telling always ask for aide from your spirit guides.
A highly effective method of druid divination when you cast ogham sticks.

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