Celtic Wheel Knot
Portable Travel Style Solid Construction Tarot Table

Perfect for the traveling reader

Celtic Wheel Portable Tarot Table!

Celtic Knot Portable Tarot Table

A rare work of art, built from the board up.
Side view

Easy and portable for the traveling tarot reader.

Folding sides on this portable tarot table.

Easy life handle on the side for transportation
Side view with folded sides. Built to last.
Solid oak handle for transport.

Brass locking supports

Two locking supports for drop leaf sides.

Celtic wheel on this tarot table is wood burned by hand for lasting beauty! Magickally imbued and dedicated as your magickal tool.
This tarot table measures app. 24" wide X 29" tall. No matter where you place it, this tarot table will make an attractive addition to any room.

Built with positive energies in order to accommodate your tarot readings.

Natural stains and finishes are used to protect the wood and highlight the beauty of wood.

These tarot tables are created by an old gypsy tradition by providing magickal elements that is established to open door ways for divination. These tables are excellent for séances, tarot readings, scrying, crystal ball gazing, I-ching, runes, and all other methods of divination.

When creating magickal ritual tools, it is important that the three orders of magic be observed. The first order of creating a magickal tool is about the crafter. Did the crafter design it to be magickal, following tradition, or magickal rituals? Does the crafter even believe in the elements of magic or tradition? DragonOak walks the pagan path, believes in the elements of magic, and practices the rites of magic on a regular basis, thus providing the first order of magic for creating a magical tarot table.

Using only natural materials and working with the natural grain of the wood, these tables provide focus and energy for divination. The second order of creating magickal tools, is the item itself from raw materials being crafted soley for the purpose of magic, or simply was the item created for the purpose of magic? DragonOak creates tarot tables to be for magickal application, thus providing the second order of magic for creating a ritual tool. The purpose of the item is magical, and with will and focus so mote it be.

And the final order of magic is working with the natural element of the specific quality of the materials involved. Different types of raw materials work better with attuned spells. Magic of the third order is working with natural elements and their attunement to magick. Oak is long standing, willow is healing, cedar is cleansing, etc. In the case of these tarot tables, working with the natural wood from the original tree spirit, by not cutting only choice portions of wood and creating a tables from many trees rather than one. Using symbols that are aesthetically pleasing to the spirits and relevant as portals to connect to our dimension. Using visualization, it conducts the atmosphere you are seeking . Brass hinges, screws, and bracers to not drain the energy field created by the user or of the spirits being connected with. Infusing the table with known elements that are ruled by the moon that enable and strengthen divination skills, clam shell, mugwort are examples.

Working with the magical orders and the crafter is important. Put it this way, would you ask the gardner to be your physician?

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