Puma and Wolf Scenes Hunter Storage Chest
The perfect hunters box, even Ted Nugent would be proud of this piece

Puma and Wolf Scene Hunter Storage Chest!

Wood Hope Chest - Storage Trunk Optional Design Themes

Hand crafted with trim border.

All Storage Chests now feature the trim as shown in the sample picture above!

A rare work of art, built from the board up.
Puma stalking a mountain goat, stunning detail on top.

Brass hinges that highlight the beauty of this piece
Mother mountain goat poised to protect her baby!

Locking brass arm to keep lid open.

Front clasp for keeping lid tight, option to add a lock to keep contents safe.

Brass lid extension to keep open while loading and unloading items from this storage chest
Strong supported handles on each side!

Natural Scenes is wood burned by hand for that special attention to detail.

Lots of Space!!

The beauty of nature is profiled by this chest.
Cedar Blocks to keep items freshh.

Locking brass arm to keep lid open.

Wolf Pair and Moon Scene!

Locking brass arm to keep lid open.

Back View!

Locking brass arm to keep lid open.

Full sized chest with cedar blocks to keep it bug free!

Wildlife scenery on this storage chest is wood burned by hand for lasting beauty!
This storage chest measures app. 30" long X 18" wide X 16" tall. No matter what you keep inside, it makes an attractive addition to any room. This storage chest is an excellent protection for your home, includes cedar inserts that will keep contents bug free, as well as its own contents.

Wildlife scenes represent nature in a pristine state. Elk near a Native American camp, Whitetail deer roaming over a fence in the wild. Can be used as a coffee table for a love seat, perfect for the hunting cabin.

Natural stains and finishes are used to protect the wood and highlight the beauty of wood.

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