The Art of Creating Witchcrafted Magickal Ritual Tools

The old and ancient rites of creating witchcrafted magickal tools of the highest order, for your rituals, are a four fold process. For a practitioner of witchcraft to enter the deeper realm of magick, one should consider the process by which the tools of that very magic are to be made. Researching of the occult and deeper forms of magic has revealed that there are four dimensions, properties, or elements used in the creation of witchcrafted magic or enchanted tools. The physical or material properties, the emotions or vibrations, the focus or will, and the actions or rituals, are the bases for the four elements of magic.

The more effort and personal energy the witch puts into creating a magickal tool, the more magick or power that tool contains. In some ways the process a witch uses to create magickal tools is akin to art. The more personal energy and time the witch extends, the greater the creative force that will prevail. And like great art, over time the result will be sustained and magnified. This is not the supreme law of magick, it as an option to consider when creating or even purchasing witchcrafted magickal tools.

While the creation of a truly witchcrafted magickal tool is not complex; it requires more input than just mere faith or the raising of energy. Today's neopagan movement is seeking to define itself as a more open and less judgmental style of spirituality than the more "mainstream" religious movements of today. Witchcraft and neopaganism in general tends to be more accepting of and tolerant with methods, procedures, and "rules" of the order. Witchcraft encourages free thought, the intermingling of fresh ideas, and respect for one another. This is as it should be, because the source of personal spirituality must be discovered rather that dramatically acted or blindly followed. But in the process of tolerance, it is important to acknowledge and remember, the rituals, practices, and methods of old, lest they be lost.

The first dimension of this four stage process for witchcrafted magickal tools is the element of physical properties. Keep in mind, the more magick and energy a witch puts into the process, the more magick and energy the witch can utilize from those magickal tools. Ask the following questions.

  • 1. What are the raw materials to be used in the item, i.e. the wood, herb, stone, etc.?
  • 2. Were the materials grown or harvested specifically for a magickal purpose?
  • 3. Do these elements have magickal properties that correspond to what the witchcrafted tool is designed to do?
  • 4. Was the material harvested from a magickal location, i.e. druid oak groves, cross roads, conjunction of lay lines, your personal meditation place, etc.?
  • 5. Was the material harvested during the right magickal time, i.e. phase of the moon, planetary alignment, season, etc.?

The more of those questions that can be answered yes or corresponding to witchcraft and its magickal rights, the more energy that witchcrafted tool will wield.

The second consideration in the realm of magickal dimensions; are the emotions or vibrations of the materials, item, and the artist. Everything in the universe resonates a specific vibration for that element, and people relate this vibration to the emotion. As such people and especially the experience witch can actually change the vibrations that are linked to our emotional state. So the following questions are a guideline to determine the level of vibration the witchcrafted magickal resonates.

  • 1. What was the emotional state of the environment or area when the materials was harvested, i.e. was the area being traumatized by clear cut timbering, or strip mining, or was it a hidden area that looked un-trodden by human feet?
  • 2. What was the emotional state of the person that harvested the materials i.e. happy, angry, unsettled, etc.?
  • 3. Meditate and focus on the witchcrafted magickal tools base materials, and try to align with it's current vibration. Does the witchcrafted tool align with the purpose of the magic you are trying to create?
  • 4. What is the emotional condition during the rituals consecrating the material or tool and subsequently in preparing or using the witchcrafted magickal tool?
  • 5. When you use the witchcrafted tool what is the emotion state you are in? And consider how those energies whether conscious or subconscious are entering into the witchcrafted tool.

By this time the reader should see the theme of processing and creating witchcrafted magickal tools. The more a person can answer yes to the above questions the more power the witchcrafted tool will utilize.

Next the reader should consider the "intent", focus, and will that was put into the elements and the witchcrafted magickal tool. Ask the following questions concerning the focus, will, and thought that go into the magickal witchcrafted tool.

  • 1. Is the witchcrafted tool being created as it wishes to be? Remember all things live and strive for a purpose, including the materials used to make the witchcrafted tool. Take time to meditate on the current state of the materials and/or item, and try to answer if that is what the witchcrafted tool wants to be?
  • 2. Was the intent of the harvester or creator positive, negative, indifferent? Did the harvester or creator plan on the materials and or witchcrafted tool on being used in ritual? Was the witchcrafted tool made with the soul intent of money for profit?
  • 3. What is your focus or intent with the magickal tool? Do you seek the witchcrafted tool for the power it wields or is the tool for gaining spiritual insight while you are on this journey?
  • 4. Does your focus or will align with the same intentions of the materials that are used for the witchcrafted magickal tool?
  • 5. Does your focus and intent with the tool align with the state of being of the target, and goals of the spell or ritual? An example would be if a witch were to focus on changing the color of a flower from pink to white, and that witches wand and crystal are the charges for that spell, does the flower wish to be changed from pink to white?

And the last level in creating a tool or making an existing tool magickal is the element of action. These usually center upon how the witchcrafted magickal tool was consecrated, how the item is used, and the rituals or actions behind the use of the tool.

  • 1. Were the materials and/or item consecrated within the rights and traditions for the witchcrafted tool purpose for which it was created?
  • 2. Are the rituals appropriate for the materials and/or witchcrafted tools? In a ritual working with earth elementals would you build a magickal pail of water? Water washes earth away.
  • 3. Are the materials and/or witchcrafted tools being used during the appropriate season or time? It is similar to expecting snow during the summer.
  • 4. Do the materials and/or witchcrafted tools work well with the deities, spirits, or elements that are the center of the ritual? An example would be to use a wand during the invocation of a deity like Thor, when a blade or hammer would be far more appropriate.
  • 5. Are the materials and/or witchcrafted tools being used or brought to action in alignment with their natural properties? Crystals focus energy while stones like hematite absorb certain negative energies. Does the witchcrafted tool require the strength and power of the oak, or the bending and change properties of the willow?

To put this subject into relative terms; take a simple witches book of shadows and go through some basic considerations of its magickal energies. If one was to go down to a major retailer and purchase a spiral notebook to act as a witches book of shadows, is it magickal? Yes but the witches book of shadows is very low in magickal energy and capabilities. The resources used to make the notebook, the creation or making of the spiral notebook, and how the completed witches book of shadows was transferred by the witches stewardship, had little or no magickal input. So this makes this witches book of shadows example with capabilities that are very low on the magickal scale. So far the only magickal property here is witches intent when the witch buys it to be a magickal book. Once the witch focuses on the spiral notebook, consecrate the book, add witchcrafted spells and rituals into the book it becomes a magickal force, but only retaining the properties the witch puts into it.

Now take this theory to the more magickal creation side into the equation. On the eve of a waxing moon (increasing energies) the witch finds a willow tree that has been struck by lightening. With permission from the willow tree and a gift of fertilizer, the witch takes a branch from the tree and cut it into a set of witches runes. The witch then burns the runes as near a full moon as the witch can, and proceeds to charge the runes in a bath of moonlight. Then upon a dark moon the witch will consecrate the runes before the goddess Hecate in ritual as described by the old traditions. The power and energy of a witchcrafted magickal tool created in such a fashion is undeniably strong in magick.

As such this is how many of DragonOak's tools are created in the old traditions and rites of the ancients. So take care and consider the elements and methods that go into creating witchcrafted magickal ritual tools. There is much to say about following tradition and the old rights of the ancients. Although there is nothing wrong with following one's own personal path, and choice of deity, ritual etc,. DragonOak recommends that the reader does not completely throw out the wisdom and knowledge of the ancients.

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