Wiccan Witches Pentacle Altar With Drawer

Made to Last Generations. Start your legacy today.

Crafted As It Was To Be My Own
Wiccan Witches Pentacle Altar Hand Crafted!

Pagan Altar with single drawer

Beautiful handmade wiccan witches pentacle altar that embraces the symbolism of the Wiccan and Pagan paths.
And it harm none, do as ye will
Steps to become a witch

Acorn and oak leaf


Includes Drawer

Two brass candle holders that hold standard 6" household candles. Pentacles are wood burnt by hand around the candle holders for long lasting beauty. On the back board is burned oaks leaves and acorns. On drawer a line from the Wiccan Rede wood burned "And it harm none, do as ye will", in your choice of English or Theban script (the witches alphabet). Made from a single board of White Wood, (except for brass candle holders). This is done for conformity with the tree spirit of the original tree. Steps to become a witch

Pentacles around candle holders are wood burned by hand for everlasting beauty and offer protection for your altar and tools. You will be proud to use this altar at your next Wiccan ceremony, Witch Retreat. The full size drawer gives plenty of space for all your spell casting materials, pagan supplies, divination and ritual tools.

This is a handcrafted altar that will last for generations, similar to items we found in grandma's attic.

Beautiful handmade altar made for pagans by pagans.

No metal is used in constructing this altar, (except for the brass candle holders) as some believe that metal can interfere with the flow of energies.

This Altar is hand crafted by DragonOak, "one who walks the pagan path". Dragonoak has studied methods of divination for over 20 years and now brings forth handcrafted items that are fitting for the field of divination and ritual.

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