Fairy Art and Fairy Artwork Altar with Flowers and Floral Pixie

This Fairy Art and Fairy Artwork Altar is made to last generations. Honor to the nature sprites and back to Mother Earth. It will also make a wonderful child's desk, with room for their legs underneath when sitting on the floor. Be sure to read a little fairy tale below.

Each Altar Is Crafted As It Was To Be My Own
Fairy Art and Fairy Artwork Altar Hand Crafted!

Flower Fairy Desk Altar

Beautiful handmade fairy altar that embraces the symbolism of fairy magick.

Fairy in Color

Portable fairy altar.

Drawer is personalized with name and a quote from Gypsy,

Fairies and Flowers, it is their realm. Design is wood-burned by hand and then colored in.

Fairies in Color

Free name engraved on front of drawer as pictured.

Fairy Symbol

2 Inch shelf on top, full sized drawer for storage and easy access. Fairy Art and Feary Artwork Altar.

This fairy desk was completely hand crafted by DragonOak, and they were originally designed for the grandkids to use while sitting on the floor. We stocked the drawer with paper, coloring books, pencils and crayons. They could easily move them around the house, and keep their writing materials together.

Beautiful handmade Fairy Art and Feary Artwork Altar/desk that embraces the symbolism of fairy magick. Drawer is personalized with name and a quote from Gypsy, "Always Believe and Your Dreams Will Come True".

No metal is used in final assembly this fairy altar table, as some believe that metal can interfere with the flow of energies.

A Little Fairy Mythology and a Fairy Tale

In the legends and fairy tales of Charlemagne, Oberon was said to be the son of Caesar and the Lady of the Hidden Island. He was the father of Robin Goodfellow, who later fostered the race of mischievous sprites called Pechs or Pucks. The legend of Huon of Bordeaux told that Oberon was the King of the large, enchanted forest called Mommur. This legend described him as a dwarfish figure of about 3 feet tall who had the ability to see into the future. He also was able to create terrifying lightning storms. Titania was the wife of Oberon, King of the Fairies. She eventually took over the place as queen of the fairies in English folklore from Mab. According to the belief in Shakespeare's age, fairies were the same as the classic nymphs, the attendants of Diana. The queen of the fairies was therefore Diana herself, called Titania by Ovid (Metamorphoses, iii. 173) Puck is one of the most famous English sprites. In the Midlands he is called Robin Goodfellow, and is said to be the prototype for Robin Hood. In Ireland, he is called Pech or Puck, and is the leader of the Pixies. In A Midsummer Night's Dream, Shakespeare transformed him from a hobgoblin into a jovial but pranksterish wanderer of the night. In a couple of other Elizabethian plays such as The Devil is an Ass by Ben Johnson, Puck is portrayed as Belzebub's servant in hell who was sent to earth to foster evil and bring about misfortune. Puck was a failure at this because he was unable to do enough evil to please Belzebub, so he turned to Oberon for help.

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