How To Ouija Owl Table

These tarot tables measure app. 24" wide X 29" tall and are made from solid wood. This is a hand crafted tarot table that will last for generations, similar to items we have found in grandpa's attic.

Owl Themed Seance Talking Board Table

The Owl Tarot Table Ouija was a labor of love. DragonOak had so many compliments for the regular round owl spirit board and his designer tarot tables that he decided to combine the two. We think this functional owl tarot table is a fantastic culmination of great ideas. The Owl Tarot Table can be used as any standard table, or with this unique design it is perfect for a ouija seance'. Of course the owl tarot table ouija board is also an awesome conversation piece. I think this may be one of the best DragonOak authentic pieces, of course I may be biased. (Gypsy Beth)

Owl superstitions have a long and ancient history. These nocturnal creatures often appear in horror mystery films, have been associated with dark, haunting night themes, and grace our Halloween décor each fall. Their wide staring eyes give them a wise appearance, while the ability to turn their head around makes them fascinating and mysterious creatures. Tuffs of feathers on the top of an owl's head gives them the appearance of horned devils and their piercing cries add to the spook effect found in the ancient folklore of many countries.

1. From the ancient Greeks to children's stories, the owl has long been the bearer of knowledge and sagacity.

2. In ancient Athens the owl was embollized on a silver four-drachma coin as a symbol for the cities patron Athene, Greek goddess of wisdom and a goddess of the dark night.

3. According to one Christian tradition, owls represent the wisdom of Christ, which appeared amid the darkness of the unconverted. To early Christian Gnostics, the owl is associated with Lilith, the first wife of Adam who refused his advances and control.

4. In Japan, owl pictures and figurines have been placed in homes to ward off famine or epidemics.

5. Many Native American cultures link the owl with supernatural powers and divination. While the Pawnees see the owl as a symbol of protection; the Ojibwa see the owl as a symbol of evil and death, but also as a symbol of very high status of their spirit leaders. The Pueblo associate the owl with the god of death and the spirit of furtility (birth and death). Yet the Apaches view the owl as the most feared of all creatures (which they believe embody the spirit of Apache dead.

6. In old Armenian tales, owls were associated with the devil. In Central Asia [2], feathers of the Northern Eagle Owl (Bubo bubo), particularly from its breast and belly, were valued as precious amulets protecting children and livestock from evil spirits. Talons of the Northern Eagle Owl were said to ward off diseases and cure infertility in women.

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How to Use a Ouija Board!

Meet How To Ouija: Hi, I am How To Ouija! Actually my full name is Howard Toberone Wouijaski, but I shortened it to something easy to remember!

Conditions for success: From How To Ouija

Only have people present who are serious and respectful. If the board is used without care or in a joking manner, this can attract unwanted and potentially dangerous negative energies and spirits.
Do NOT drink alcohol or use any mind altering drugs including marijuana! This is recommended How to Ouija proceedure.
Clear your mind of all negative thoughts or distractions. Your mind must be clean and clear.
Anybody having any psychosis or psychological disorders or persons who are nervous, anxious or have addictive tendencies must not use the board.
Never ask questions relating to your own death or death of another person. How To Ouija suggests this is just asking for a joker or loki spirit.
Keep your posture straight and do not cross your legs under the table. How to ouija suggests that this keeps the current going and does not block the energy.
How To Ouija says; - Make sure you visually protect yourself and have faith that you are protected. Imagine a white light surrounding you and your friends. It is always a good idea to make an affirmation before you begin. For example, "With the power of the elements, spirit guides, angels and higher self, I and the users of this board are protected from all negative spirits, entities, energies and influences. This is what I personally use, but you should say something that resonates personally to yourself.

At first, keep to easy questions that require just a YES or NO answer. It is helpful if one person has a pen and paper and writes down what is being "said". The best time for a séance is in the evening between 9.00pm and midnight. Ideally it should be dark and quiet outside. If there are more than 2 people then place the board in the middle of the table so that everyone can reach it. If only 2 people are using the board, it is better to place the board on both your knees and sit opposite each other - this allows the energy to flow better.

How To Ouija recommends that One person should be the main person to ask any spirits to come forward and talk. This same person should be the one to close the board down at the end too (see "closing down the board"). Everyone should lightly place their fingertips on the planchette. The main person should start by asking for protection against any negative influences (by visualizing a light around you and the participants and asking your spirit guides and higher self or angels to protect you and that you are only willing to communicate with spirits for your/our highest good).

Then ask if there are any spirits that would like to come forward and speak. Something along the lines of
Are there any spirits in the room that would like to speak to us. Please communicate with us by using the board only. When you are ready please move the planchette to YES or move it in circles.
It is safer if you ensure that the spirits only communicate through the board - make it certain that you are in control of the board and either ignore any other spiritual activity in the room (knocks, bangs, tapping, lights etc) or ask the spirit to either use the board or leave.

When you receive contact through the board ensure that you thank the spirit that has come forward (it is very important that you remain at all times with utmost respect and gratitude). When receiving an answer to your question, each letter must be clearly visible in the hole of the planchette or pointed to directly - if it is between letters, ask the spirit to reconfirm the letter and it should move to the correct one. ALL fingers (2-4 fingers per person) must remain on the planchette at all times.

It can take up to 15-20 minutes before any spirit will come forward to talk. Remain calm, keep your fingers on the planchette and clear your minds apart from focusing on the planchette. If nothing happens then slowly move the planchette yourselves in large circles around the board a few times, then pause and wait - usually the spirit will take over from here. If you still have no luck after about 45 minutes then close down the board and try it another evening. How to Ouija wants you to understand that sometimes the elements, or environment are just not good for spirit conduction, kind of like the dead zone and your cell phone.

Some Questions to Ask from How To Ouija:

Asking the name of the spirit is always a good question to start with.
Occasionally spirits cannot or do not wish to answer certain questions so respect their silence and do not ask the same question over and over again. Ask once, once again to confirm and that is all.
Ask if the spirit is a good spirit. If the planchette goes to NO, it is advisable to close down the board and wait at least half an hour before attempting to make contact again.
You can ask any general questions about your own life, for example: How can I live better? What am I doing wrong? Am I in the right job? What can I do to improve my life/situation etc?
Note: Take the answers like you would anything else that somebody tells you (alive or dead). Do not revolve your life around answers you may receive as they may be inaccurate.

Closing down the board:

This is extremely important!, according to How to Ouija. The board MUST be closed down properly at the end of each and every séance. Start by thanking the spirits for coming forward and talking with you. Wish them peace and say Goodbye. The spirit should move the planchette to GOODBYE and you may pack up the board.

If the spirit does not move the planchette to GOODBYE, then tell the spirit that you are saying goodbye and that you ask they do the same. If the spirit STILL refuses to leave, then you must move the planchette to GOODBYE and in a stern strong voice say GOODBYE and LEAVE out loud. Remove your fingers from the planchette. If you feel that is not enough you can also slam the planchette down on a hard surface (obviously take care not to break it!) or pass it through a candle flame if it is not made of flammable material.

Stay Safe Note from How to Ouija:

Do not use the board for longer than an hour and a half. This is exhausting for both yourself and the spirits, and can be harmful.

It is always advisable to ground yourself afterwards by eating and drinking something.

The more you use the board the more spirit activity it will create (similar to a magnet). The board can become addictive to some people and this is harmful, not only to your well being but this can also attract unwanted negative energies and bad spirits. It is advisable to not use the board more than twice a week.

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