Charmed Television Series Inspired
Solid Oak Ouija Board
Magically Imbued with 9 Moon elements
Inspired by the hit television series
Charmed Television Series Inspired Spirit Board!

Ouija Board - Paranormal Themes Your Choice

Traditional Symbols from the show
Hand waxed and buffed for a one of a kind sheen!!

Symbols and lettering is wood burned by hand for lasting beauty!

Beauty of Wood

Simple yet traditional!

Each board is numbered and signed by DragonOak.

Charmed Triquetra
Traditional triquetra center piece!

No matter where you place the board inside, it makes an attractive addition to any table or counter. No metal is used in constructing this board, as some believe that metal can interfere with the flow of energies. Each Board comes with a planchette and instructions. Boards and planchettes have been infused with 9 different elements that are known to attract visitors from the other side. These elements include silver, crystal, and willow leafs.

Charmed style lettering and symbols

Charmed style lettering and symbols

This board is hand crafted by DragonOak, "one who walks the pagan path". DragonOak has studied methods of divination for over 20 years and now brings forth handcrafted items that are fitting for the field of divination.

Natural stains and finishes are used to protect the wood and highlight the beauty of natural wood.

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Methods of Contacting Spirit Guides

This article-blog-lense is a definition of the different methods of contacting spirit guides. Each type of method for contacting spirits is listed in order of existence upon the dimensional planes, from the base (primordial) to higher levels of existence (nirvana). This is based on my own experience of 25 years of study into the occult, methods and mediums of conjuring (meaning to call forth) spirit guides, and spiritual insight.

While there may be recognized experts in this field, and some of my material may coincide with their synopsis of this subject, this article-blog-lense is still based on my own experiences. An important method to acquiring an understanding or knowledge of principles or spirit contact is to derive as much information as possible. By utilizing alternative sources you can gain a perspective that is affirmed and substantiated as a primary method used by more than one source. Truth is eternal and can only be determined by you, always test what you learn and if you do not feel it appropriate move on, that is your truth.

When working with Spirit Guides the most common mediums used are as follows:

Meditation This is the act of disciplined contemplation and reflection. Highly disciplined meditation is set towards the goal of enlightenment and possibly the connection with spirit guides. It is the process of silence and reflection, proper breathing is critical, and finding that peaceful quiet place of the mind is essential.

Until one is experienced with meditation, it is best to start with guided meditations that are available on recordings from many different vendors. In many of these recordings a verbal guide will take one through the steps necessary to achieve balance, serenity, and peace. Once there one may be guided into a secret garden, or a beach, or even a mountaintop. Then one will attempt visualization techniques to create a world around their mind.

Once someone has developed a safe quiet place that is their own it is much easier for the guides to approach. In meditation one is less apprehensive, it is their created space, and they control the environment, so there is a level of safety that is designed into the creation whether it was subconscious or not. By this time become aware of the subtle messages that abound in the spirit world. It just takes that quiet time to be able to listen.

Astral Projection: A deeper form of meditation. But in this case the person can often travel via spirit form to other places, or other planes of existence, and sometimes very rarely they can travel time. Astral Projection is a method of such deep meditation that one is able to utilize the eternal energy form (spirit) and for a time leave the body. First one should master the meditations, and then slowly move into the Astral Projections. Taking very small steps and learning slowly.

It is unusual but possible to lose oneself in the astral. It can be much like taking a walk in the woods and becoming so involved in the journey that one actually forgets their way. The difference is with Astral Projection the spirit is always connected to the body via a silver cord. Remembering that on astral journeys is essential.

By utilizing astral travel one can learn to ascend or descend the dimensions that exist. And as such this guide is writing in my personal awareness of those levels, beginning with the primordial and ascending to that state of all being. By achieving the multidimensional travel among the planes of existence one is able to become aware of lessons and possibilities that exist that never were considered before.

Automatic Writing: This is the practice of allowing the spirit guide to control the writing hand and the ability for them to convey written messages. The use of a dedicated folder, binder, or other resource that holds paper is recommended.

Focus, relaxation, and the overcoming apprehension are essential in automatic writing. When a guide takes over and begins to write it is a very symbiotic relationship. It is a relationship that is mutual and giving from both sides. Focus on allowing the pen to write, not what is should write. Automatic writing is not about focusing on the words, it is about allowing the action. I have even known several artists that utilize similar methods for there various mediums. Allowing the paint to flow and become what it is meant to be is a way to think about it. An alternative to writing words is the drawing os symbols or pictures in order to convey a message, that is a method of automatic writing also.

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Ouija Spirit Boards: This is the use of a center planchette on a board or other written medium that the spirit guides can move to spell out messages. Often used by two or more people for those that are concerned about contacting a spirit alone. When used by more than one person it increases the effectiveness and likelihood of contact because physical apprehension is lower from those participating. The phenomenon is that people tend to think the other is moving it, and thus actually allowing the spirit to manipulate it more freely.

Spirit Boards are an old medium that some have traced as far back as Egypt. It is merely a method similar to automatic writing of allowing the spirit guide to control the planchette rather than ones arm or hand. A simple board with the letters of the alphabet and numbers are all that is required as minimum. Personally I hand craft wood spirit boards using symbols that are know for attracting spirits and I infuse the boards with 9 moon elements that are traditional for spirit contact.

And one last note on Spirit Boards, way to much fear and propaganda have been hyped into the Ouija Board. That fear propaganda sells a lot of movies, books, and does great at revival meetings. I have never been attacked, mocked, beaten, haunted, or anything negative by a spirit board in the 30+ years I have been using them. The worse situation I had was a 16-year-old boy who had a tendency to monopolize the board because he was lonely. There is nothing to fear but fear itself when using a spirit board. ;)

Excellent Hand Crafted Wood Spirit Boards Magically Infused
Hand Crafted Wood Spirit Boards

Seances: Usually utilizes the use of a medium and one or more participants to conjure spirit guides. This is a combined meditation that focuses energy into the medium in order to open the minds eye to those that are around us.

Closely related to the Spirit Board and a séance can be conducted with a spirit board. It is the method of several people coming together in order to summon a specific lost loved one or spirit as in the movies. But in the occult world it is more the method of contacting what is near at the time. Often spirits follow family members hoping to get a few last messages in before passing to the other side.

Sadly this method has seen its fair share of charlatans, spiritual vampires, and power mongers. I do recommend anyone that participates utilize a fair amount of scrutiny during the event. I also recommend establishing psychic barriers not as much for the spirits as for the potential psychic vampire mediums.

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Vision Quests: An ancient tradition common with old European, African, and Native American traditions. It is to exercise extreme physical action in order to allow the mind to enter a state of connection with spirit guides. This can include sweat lodges, physical exertion (running in the heat), and some cultures use hallucinogenics to enable the vision quest.

Like meditation and astral projection methods, vision quests take a fair amount of preparation on all three levels. Physical, spiritual, and mental disciplines are essential in order to have an effective vision quest. Take time to prepare, exercise and get the physical body in shape. Focus on cleansing the spirit of negative energies. And take time to contemplate the journey you are going to participate in. These events should not be taken light heartedly, but rather seriously.

Invoking Spirits: A method most commonly utilized by pagans, gypsys, and some mediums to call upon specific spirits and draw them into the presence of the group. Sometimes utilized during seances, but most often during pagan ritual in order to commune with loved ones, diety, fairy, mythology, and the magic of earth herself.

Invoking Spirits most often utilizes a ritual that embraces the elements of the spirit being summoned. The ritual takes into consideration the elements that the spirit prefers, to include; herbs, incense, flowers, stones, and etc. Often it entails the casting of a circle and the recitation of a poem, ode, or song to the spirit. And then it proceeds to commune with the spirit for lessons to be learned or messages to be conveyed. These rituals can be conducted in solitude or group formats

Sensitivity: This is usual by a person, medium, or clairvoyant that is aware of his/her surroundings. I personally believe that all people can develop this talent with discipline and practice, but some are naturally inclined and born with such a talent. It may be auditory, visual, smell, touch, emotion, or just a knowing of what is near.

Sensitivity encompasses a link or bond between a person and with a (or several) spirits. It is that connection that allows people to hear, see, smell, or visualize the message being sent. This type of connection can be trained but takes great time and energy to acquire the discipline. Some people may have a natural tendency for this connection due to an accident, genetic precondition, or training since childhood, and thus require little or no training or discipline. Children that are allowed to believe in these connections rather than being ridiculed or shunned are much more likely to carry it into adulthood.

Lucid Dreaming: By far the most common and maybe the easiest method of contact. It is the process of remembering your dreams. Focus meditation before one goes to sleep with the last thoughts to remember the dreams. I also advise using a dream journal next to the bed in order to write down the dreams when one first awakens.

Relaxation and contemplation are the effective means to completing lucid dreaming. It is similar to meditation or astral journeys, but allows the mind to take over during periods of rest. Physical distractions are less likely during lucid dreaming and often for people of higher stress levels it becomes a preferred method of contact. The key is to focus on the dream, write down the details, and then contemplate the meaning the next day.

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Excellent Hand Crafted Dream Journals
Hand Crafted
Wooden Dream Journal

There are surely more methods that can be added here but for the sake of this blog, and based on my experience these are by far the most common.

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