Replacement Planchettes for Ouija boards, talking boards, and all types of spirit boards.

Crafted As It Was To Be My Own

Replacement Planchette

Each planchette is hand made from solid wood, by DragonOak. We are a planchette manufacturer of for replacement planchettes that work with all Ouija boards, Spirit Boards, Talking Boards, and Witch Boards.

Each planchette is for sale and available for purchase via our order process. The planchette is styled as a point in the shape of a heart with a hidden pentacle design wood burned into the planchette. Each planchette is infused with 9 sacred moon elements that have been practiced by the occult for attracting sacred visitors from the other side. These elements include willow leaves, toadstool, and moonstone. Each element was harvested during the correct time and the mix was consecrated with the correct ritual for spirit contact from ghosts, thought forms, and visitors from ancient realms.

Crafted As It Was To Be My Own

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