Pagan Shaded
Occult Spirit Board
Magically Imbued with 9 Different Moon Elements
Old Traditions from Paganism
Pagan Occult Spirit Board!

Witches / Wiccan Ouija Board

Old Traditions from Paganism
Solid Wood!

Pagan Symbols and lettering is wood burned by hand for lasting beauty!

Old Traditions from Paganism
Traditional Pagan Symbols!

Each board is numbered and signed by DragonOak.

Old Traditions from Paganism
The old knowledge of the ancients!

Old Traditions from Paganism
Pentacle, God, Goddess, etc.!

No matter where you place the board inside, it makes an attractive addition to any table or counter.

Old Traditions from Paganism

No metal is used in constructing this box, as some believe that metal can interfere with the flow of energies.

Old Traditions from Paganism
Portal to the great beyond!

Each Board comes with a planchette and instructions. Boards and planchettes have been infused with 9 different elements that are known to attract visitors from the other side. These elements include silver, crystal, and willow leafs. Old Traditions from Paganism
Gateway to alternate realities!

This board is hand crafted by DragonOak, "one who walks the pagan path". Dragonoak has studied methods of divination for over 20 years and now brings forth handcrafted items that are fitting for the field of divination.

Old Traditions from Paganism
Pagan Symbology!

Natural stains and finishes are used to protect the wood and highlight the beauty of natural wood.

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Basic Guide to Your Spirit Board - Suggestions for Using the Ouija Board - Spirit Board

An ouija board is a wooden board that contains the 26 letters of the alphabet; the numbers 0-9; and the words yes, no, maybe, and goodbye. Occasionally symbols or variations on the words are substituted (i.e. a question mark for maybe or don't know, farewell instead of goodbye).

There are two popular theories as to how the Ouija board works. The first is the theory as supported by many spiritualists. This theory states that; spirits who have messages to give to the living communicate through the board. The second theory is the automatic theory witch states that; the answers come from the subconscious mind of the person(s) guiding the planchette (this is not the same as deliberately moving the planchette). Which theory is true is unknown, witch is also part of the definition of the word occult. For most it may just depend on the beliefs of the person using the board. Many studies have been conduction researching paranormal and psychic abilities, even by the US government, and yet most of this research remains classified, so you be the judge.

Another controversy that comes up with the Ouija board is whether it is good or evil. It is usually a decision that is different for each individual person and that decision is usually based on their personal or moral beliefs. My answer is that it is neither, it is a board made of wood, inanimate a simple portal; much like a door. Is your front door good or evil? It lets in people who are both good and bad, your bills and bad news come through it, but also do your family members and gifts. But do keep in mind that Spirit boards are not the tool of the devil. I'm sure that Satan has better things to do than hang around your Spirit board. Besides, everyone knows that the tool of Satan is a Phillips Screwdriver...

If you choose to work with a Ouija board, there are a few things you should know in order to keep it safe. The first thing is to limit the experiences. It should be used in intervals, preferably no more than 1-2 hours a week. It is not recommended to work alone, but make sure your partner is someone you trust. Always be positive, you're going to attract the same kind of vibes you send out. As far as protection goes, if you are a Wiccan you will want to cast a circle before using the Ouija board, and naturally close it afterwards. If you are Christian you might want to keep a bible or a rosary close at hand. The importance in keeping your protective symbols close is that it keeps your reading focused and directed and if you feel safe you will also feel empowered. Most importantly, if you feel anything threatening or evil say goodbye and put the board up immediately. When you feel reasonably safe you should then cleanse your board to banish any negative imprints.

Guidelines for using your spirit board

1.. The more the merrier. Having two or more people using a spirit - ouija board reduces tension and reluctance when the spirits guide the planchette. It is also believed that the more people you have builds stronger energy and makes contact more likely. It is also recommended to work with those you consider friends, providing even less tension and creating an element of trust.

2.. Let your fingers do the talking by lightly placing your fingertips on the planchette. Do not force the movement of the planchette, if it isn't responding to a light touch no one is there, give it time, or there is not enough psychic energy being generated try to focus on a single question or meditate on the spirit you are attempting to contact. Try to clear your mind and relax. Ask in general if there are any spirits present, ask them to respond, and relax and wait, patience is the key. (also see #11 below)

3.. Night time is the best for working with spirit boards. Low or ambient lighting, incense, and candles help create a translucent atmosphere that is favorable to the spirits. Minimize all possible background noises and distractions. And for those that like to capture EVP's use a tape recorder during the sessions.

4.. Just because you heard it on your ouija board, does not mean it is so. Spirit contact is most often working with disembodied people, they are subject to their own bias, ignorance, and sometimes arrogance. Ask questions and later check sources. Ask the same question more than once in a session, to verify that you get the same response. I once worked with a 16 year old spirit that often told us what we wanted to hear because he craved the contact.

5.. Rarely very strong controlling spirits can contact during a sessions. Do NOT let them intimidate or control the session. It is in essence no more then the same maniacal control ego we see in those personalities in human form that gets away with as much as people allow. Demand that a spirit who is trying to control behave or leave. You are in control.

6.. Be as comfortable as possible. It is essential that everyone be relaxed. I personally have had my best results being seated around a table. There are no rules that a session must be a total solemn occasion, in chatting, and laughing you create an environment that may encourage friendly spirits to join in. Of course you may also get the occasional trickster spirit, using this method. Again remember you are in control.

7.. Be considerate of both the participants and the spirits. You always get more flies with honey, and thanking the spirits for their time and their insight builds a bond for future sessions.

8.. Unless you have a connection to astronomy professionals that can tell you when sun spots are at a high and solar flares are at a low, use the board at night. Best results are when solar activity are at a low and the atmosphere is less turbulent.

9.. Start with simple yes or no questions. The spirit needs a little time to build energy and keeping it simple allows them to add to their reserves. Avoid asking multiple questions in a single sentence or to rapidly. Take time to fully understand the response, so that you can repeat its essence and verify that was what the spirit meant.

10.. It is advisable that all participate, but that only one be the focus, medium, of the session. This allows the medium to build a bridge and connect with the spirit. You can verbalize your questions but ask the medium to repeat.

11.. Sometimes it helps to move the planchette in circles allowing the momentum take a life of its own. Giving it that little push allows spirits to connect and move the planchette.

12.. Keep the questions as simple as possible. Knowing the extent of the spirits understanding and knowledge does not push them away. Put it this way, would you ask President Bush to explain the Theory of Relativity?

13.. It is a good idea to have someone writing down questions and responses. Often spirits speak in an abbreviated code of first letters of words (instead of whole words) and also they may spell things out phonetically. When we see it written out, it becomes more clear. Keep in mind that not all spirits originally spoke your language. Some spirits may also communicate in symbolic terms, so round could be a cookie, a ball, a ritual circle... 14.. Sometimes people ask for signs of presence from the spirits. Be very careful asking for manifestations like this, because these often cause an automated response of fear once a spirit responds. Fear is a level of energy that some spirits have learned to draw from. Creating a nasty little cycle of causing fear so they can get stronger then creating more fear by manifesting etc.

15.. Patience is essential. Some spirits are as weary and reluctant as we are to contact them. Although asking questions about a time period they resided in is perfectly acceptable, avoid asking for anything too specific, like a time or date in your world, they may have problems transferring events on a time-line as time is insignificant to them. 16.. Always end the sessions with reverence and thanking the spirits for their time and dismiss them if they do not use the good-bye or farewell on your board. Do not be insulted if a spirit you are talking to abruptly dismisses you, this is common as they tire (or bore) easily.

Best times to use a ouija board

1.. Periods of low atmospheric disturbance and solar activity.

2.. My personal best results have been at night time between the times of 9pm and 2am

3.. Fall and Winter, the air is crisp, clean, and there seems to be more fluidity in the spirit realm

4.. Close to or on Halloween (Samhain) is a traditional best time.

5.. Solstice periods can have good results.

Best environment for positive outcome

1.. Living room or kitchen, basically places you feel secure and safe.

2.. Places of happy memories or excellent sources of spirit contact. Parks, lovers gazebo's, gardens and places that bring peace to your current state of being. Avoid places of tragedy, spirits here tend to be obsessed with darkness, their untimely death, their crime or the act that brought them there. Graveyards, crime scenes, and places that increase your own level of fear or discomfort are not recommended.

3.. Lay-lines and where they cross are good sources of contact. These create breaks in the physical realm that breaches the spiritual world. Often these are the sites of old pagan gatherings, old churches, native spiritual centers.

4.. Sacred places, those special private spots. A pond, a cave, or any other place you consider to be sacred, or your special spot. These spots attract kind and beautiful spirits and guides.

5.. Places of haunting that do not show fear, harm, or anger as the focus. There are playful, helpful, and connecting spirits that actually enjoy our contact.

Best persons to be the medium

1.. Those born under the water signs of Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces.

2.. People that have a positive attitude, believers so to speak. When people are confident in me, I tend to provide better results, the spirits are the same.

3.. Cheerful persons, those that always seem to have a smile.

4.. Believers, it does no good if your medium is a skeptic.

5.. Good orators, who possess the ability to evaluate the nature of their audience (in this case the spirits) and can change the direction of the questions as needed.

Best elements to bring to attract spirits

1.. Silver

2.. Toadstool, mushrooms, or other plants that grow by the light of the moon.

3.. Herbs like lavander, mugwort, and wormwood which all increase divination.

4.. Cats or some clippings of cat hair. Strong spiritual connection to the feline race.

5.. Eggs in shells or even just the shells.

6.. Oyster shells

7.. Mirrors

8.. Crytals, Amethyst, and Moonstone

9.. Purified bowl of water

10.. Willow wood or leaves.

Best question to ask (goal is to establish a repertoire and to build trust)

1.. Did you live on earth at anytime? When did you live on this world?

2.. What was the name of the place, village, or area you lived?

3.. What did you do for a living? What were your hobbies.

4.. What would you like to tell us?

5.. What is your name?

6.. Who were your parents or what tribe do you come from?

Best atmosphere builders

1.. Low ambient lighting, candle light is the best

2.. Noise reduction to the closest possible state of silence as possible

3.. Opening the séance with a ritual or request of the spirits adds to the properties of the session.

4.. Positive and believing individuals, skepticism really can cause a block.

Best protective elements

1.. Sage, the protective elements of this herb are legendary.

2.. Frankincense and Myrrh or Dragonsblood. Incense that is traditionally protective.

3.. Black candles to absorb negative and white candles to attract positive energies

4.. Hematite, obsidian, and kyanite. These minerals and stones are traditional for protection.

5.. Project your authority, this is your realm, not theirs. Fear is only an element of your mind.

6.. Sea salt