How to Contact Spirits Vol. 2: Learn to use a Spirit-Ouija Board and Hold a Seance

How to contact spirits dvd

How to Contact Spirits Vol. 2: Learn to use a Spirit-Ouija Board and Hold a Seance

The DVD How to Contact Spirits, Angels and Departed Loved Ones has helped people around the world contact spirits successfully. Now “How to contact Spirits Vol. 2” is going to show you two different methods on how to contact spirits.

One method is holding a seance, and the other method is using a spirit board. Both methods will temporarily lift the "veil between the worlds" so the living and those who have passed over can connect.

Also both methods can be used to discover or contact your spirit guide(s).

I do not recommend contacting spirits that are not relatives, loved ones, friends or spirit guides. Nor do I recommend trying to contact any spirit just for fun and excitement. However, if you have a desire to communicate with a spirit or a spirit guide for sincere and purposeful reasons, this DVD shows you another two methods to do so.

A very informative DVD on how to contact your spirit guides. This program was organized and narrated by a reiki master from reiki healing dot com. Showing the audience how to properly conduct a seance and contact the spirit realm.

There are many types ghosts that one may encounter while using an ouija board. A method utilized by pagan systems around the world. A wholestic method utilizing elements of the moon like silver and willow. Often many times it is confused that the spirit board is only for the wiccan or witchcraft which is not true.

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