Storage Coffee Tables
Coffee table style altar with full storage
Storage Coffee Table
Celtic Cross Coffee table style altar with full storage
Celtic Cross
Coffee Table Style Altar
Tree Column Transcend Other World Coffee table style altar with full storage
Tree Column Transcend
Coffee Table Style Altar

Designer Coffee Table - Special Themes

Storage Coffee Tables come in a variety of styles and designs as seen above. Don't like what you see, please email us on the form below with any special requests you may have for these coffee tables. We will be happy to see if we can accommodate your personal needs. We offer you very unique style and design, were we seek to fulfill our artistic endeavor with every creation.

Looking for something custom designed? Feel free to email me and lets see what we can do for you! Looking for wholesale pricing, contact: GYPSY BETH
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Storage coffee tables built with unique styles in mind. These storage coffee tables include designs in pagan wiccan, celtic cross, and nature style scenes to fit your home needs. These storage coffee tables can also double as an altar and be sure and check out our wide artistic designed altars inlcuding the wiccan altar. These art based creations of storage coffee tables are designed as furniture to accompany the setting of your household. Storage coffee tables offer unique furnishing in your sacred space. Each storage coffee tables is made of solid wood and can be modified to fit the decor of your home with many choices and styles to fit your needs.