Other World Tree Column Full Sized Storage Coffee Table

Coffee table style altar with full storage
Other World Tree Column
Storage Coffee Table
Juniper Tree Column Altar

Includes full sized storage space for ritual tools and sacred items. Other World tree columns support celtic knot stones base and top.

Chain brackets for holding lid open

Open with brass chain bracket to hold the other world tree column storage coffee table open.

Includes Tree Column Transcend Other World burned into the underside of the top lid. Solid wood construction.

Lid open view with brass chain suppurt

Brass Chain Supports for lid on this other world storage coffee table

Top Closed View
Plain wooden top on this other world tree column altar.

Side View

Perfect for ritual, personal worship, or ceremony.

Plenty of Storage Space

Open view made in a rustic motif to honor the ancients on this other world storage coffee table

Open with brass chain bracket to hold the altar open.

Includes a hinged top with inset chains to keep the top hung open. Storage space inside the other world table for your ritual tools and altar items.

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This storage coffee table with three column design is made to simplify the access to other world states of being. The tree columns represent the boundary between dimensions and provide one with the focus to meditate on higher states of being. The other world coffee tables allows transcendence to master the multiple dimensions of existence. Order your other world style coffee table today!