Wood Pentacle
Book of Shadows

The Protection of the Pentacle, Ancient and Proven
Pentacle Book of Shadows!

Witches Book of Shadows

Double Brass Hinged on Both Sides for Easy Opening and Durability on this Pentacle Wooden Book of Shadows

All designs on our Pentacle Book of Shadows are wood burned by hand for everlasting beauty.

These Books of Shadows with pentacle are hand crafted from solid wood and will last for generations, and meant to be handed down to future practitioners of the craft. They are stained and rubbed with natural oils to preserve their natural beauty.

The beauty and durability of these Pentacle Books will last for years to come

Each pentacle Book comes with 30 pages of blank high quality parchment paper. Two Brass binding pins, (aka Chicago Screws)bind the book of the pentacle together, and can be removed to add more pages as needed. The brass pins are fitted with a brass screw to allow for easy expansions. Currently we include a spacer, which may be removed with the addition of more paper. Longer binding pins are available at hobby and stamp collecting shops. Brass hinges are also used.

These Pentacle Books of Shadows are hand crafted by DragonOak, "one who walks the pagan path". DragonOak has studied methods of divination for over 20 years and now brings forth handcrafted items that are fitting for the divination, ritual, and the practice of magic.

Many designs are limited edition or "One of a Kind"

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The pentacle is a sacred symbol of protection.

The pentacle has five points, and the number five is a potent magical number.

The Encyclopedia of Freemasonry writes of the pentacle: - In the science of magic the pentalpha is called the holy and Mysterious pentagram. ...the pentagram in the star of Magians; ...by virtue of the number five, it has great command over evil spirits because of its five double triangles and its five acute angles within and its five obtuse angles without, so that this interior pentangle contains in it many great mysteries. - (Encyclopedia of Freemasonry, pp.762-763.)
The Pentacle can be traces by to Ancient Greece and the time of Pythagoras (586 - 506 BCE), who he and his followers after being driven underground used the secret symbol of the pentacle to recognize one another. And thus the Freemasons can trace their roots to the time of Pythagoras and the use of the pentacle symbol.

The pentacle in a circle represents containment and control of magic. The pentacle when shown implies discipline of magic and respect of forces beyond our understanding.

The points of the pentacle represent spirit (at the apex), fire, water, earth, and air.

The Gnostics (early Christians) respects the pentacle and referred to it as the Blazing Star.

Later yet still early Christians related the five points of the pentacle to the five wounds of Christ, and considered it a holy symbol.

Druids used the symbol of the pentacle to describe the orders of the dieties.

The Egyptians used the pentacle symbol to denote fertility rites and represent the birth of everything.

The Celts used the pentacle to represent the Goddess of the Underground, Morgan - Morrigan.

The Roman Emperor Constantine (the same guy who made Christianity a state religion of Rome) used the pentacle in his official seal. Constantine also wore the pentacle as an amulet.

Sir Gawain, nephew of King Arthur, used the pentacle on his shield. The pentacle represented the five virtues of Knighthood, generosity, courtesy, chastity, chivalry and piety.

Early Christians like Constantine use the pentacle as an amulet for protection.

The pentacle is NOT a symbol of evil!! The pentacle during the burning times somehow became associated with witchcraft and an assumption that all followers of the craft worshiped Baphomet and the inverted pentacle. Prior to the burning times the Christians widely used the symbol of the pentacle and revered it.

The symbol of the pentacle is simplicity yet connectivity to all. We offer many options to use the pentacle on our wood craft.