Celtic Symbols and Christian Cross
Book of Shadows / Dream Journal Scrapbook

The Wisdom of the Ancient Celts and the Celtic symbols
CelticSymbols and Christain Cross #2 Book of Shadows!

Celtic Design Blank Wood Book

Premium quality parchement paper
Christian Cross and Celtic Symbols wood book of shadows

Double Brass Hinged on Both Sides for Easy Opening and Durability of this Celtic symbols wooden book of shadows

The celtic cross design on our Book of Shadows is wood burned by hand for everlasting beauty. Symbolizing the bridge between Celtism and Christianity.

These Celtic symbols Books of Shadows are hand crafted from solid wood and will last for generations, intended to be handed down to your heir so that the secrets may never be lost. They are stained and rubbed with oil to preserve their natural beauty.

The beauty and durability of these Celtic Symbols Books will last for years to come

Each Celtic Symbols Book comes with 30 pages of blank high quality parchment paper. Two Brass binding pins, (aka Chicago Screws) bind the book together, and can be removed to add more pages as needed. The brass pins are fitted with a brass screw to allow for easy expansions. Currently we include a spacer, which may be removed with the addition of more paper. Longer binding pins are available at hobby and stamp collecting shops. Brass hinges are also used.

This Celtic symbols book is hand crafted by DragonOak, "one who walks the pagan path". DragonOak has walked the pagan path for over 20 years and now brings forth handcrafted items that are fitting for the pagan studies.

Many designs are limited edition or "One of a Kind"

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The Celtic symbols of the knot represent how everything is connected. The Celtic symbols knot flows through the design and represents the aspects of the cycle of life. The birth, death, and re-birth of this cycle is the depth of the Celtic symbols knot. The Celtic symbols knot is also related to our spirit in both how the connection and the energy of the source flows through everything, and how the spirit is enduring and timeless. The key to the magic of the Celtic symbols knot is to use the emblem or design to remind you how everything is connected and to focus upon that magic to bring about change in your life.